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101 Things You Should Know About The UK Army


Protecting the nation is paramount when it comes to the UK Army. Ensuring territories are safe is their first role. The UK Army has highly-trained soldiers ready to encounter any challenges no matter the area of deployment.  They are quick at supporting the Police after a terrorist attack and have specialized capabilities, such as bomb disposal, as well as intelligence experts. They are also available 24 hours a day and ready to serve all year round. Here’s more of what the army does.

Protect The UK Citizens And The Non-citizens

If you haven’t known the most regarded and equipped army around the globe, then it’s the UK Army. It has a proud legacy of delivering success during combat by exhibiting courage, as well as commitment of its militaries. 

The standing army offers depth and conducts intricate war fighting. The highly-trained militaries back the NHS, deals with floods, as well as trains partner forces overseas.   

The UK Army, in this uncertain world, is ever alert and ready to defend the United Kingdom and its inhabitants. 

Prevent conflict

When it comes to world events, the UK Army doesn’t get involved. They are persistently busy everywhere in the world assisting in shaping the environment stop future conflict.  They collaborate with partner nations in Iraq, as well as Afghanistan to deliver first-class training and backing, which supports their allies using soldiers positioned forward in Eastern Europe. Also, they support the conflict against poaching in Africa.

Tackling conflicts 

The UK’s interest is usually in tackling uncertainty, fragility, as well as conflict.  And, they respond rapidly to prevent such, while dealing with the instability and fight that does arise.

Currently, the UK Army is deployed around the world on several external operations and harnesses high-quality experience, as well as skills to confront a multitude of difficulties.

When it comes to the support of the National prosperity agenda, there’s usually a persistent engagement overseas to allow entry point for broader British interests. In fact, the UK has a top role in the 67-member Global Alliance dedicated in overpowering Daesh. 

Handling disaster

Whether at home or overseas, the UK Army is ever ready to help in case of large emergency. For instance, they assist when floods strike in the UK, as well as humanitarian aid overseas, such as in Africa following an Ebola outbreak. Also, they help the Caribbean manage every challenge after hurricanes. The army is like the Nation’s insurance policy that does numerous tasks with Regulars and Reserves within a short notice. They respond to crises in the UK or out of the country like dealing with natural calamities. 


The UK Army serve many purposes. It’s a war-fighting organization that safeguards the nation, and if there’s need, fight the nation’s adversaries with utmost dedication.  With thousands of vehicles and soldiers under command, they are ready to encounter any challenges. Also, independently operations can be carried out with NATO, and key allies, such as the US and France.