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3 Gi Chokes From BJJ Closed Guard


Closed guard Gi chokes are among the most efficient submissions in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ). When appropriately used, these jiu-jitsu attacks can effectively tap out any opponent, including those who are taller and heavier competitors. Therefore, as a wise Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner, you should start learning chokes submissions from the very beginning of your training.

Apart from that, the closed guard is one of the most fundamental and challenging guards in BJJ grappling and it is one of the most effective. It is a great position, especially for novices, because it allows them to acquire a wide array of topics, tactics, and passions in a fun and engaging environment. Otherwise, the closed guard provides BJJ practitioners with a wide range of powerful submissions, sweeps, and transitions in gi and no-gi jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts.

Furthermore, Choke techniques are widely employed in BJJ martial arts, combat sports, self-defense, military combat situations, etc.

Without further delay! Here are three excellent and effective BJJ Gi chokes that you can perform from the closed guard. Have fun !

Closed Guard Cross Collar Choke

The cross choke is a powerful submission often used from the jiu-jitsu closed guard and various positions in the grappling game. Indeed, it is one of the most potent assaults in Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournaments. Therefore, this strangle submission is one that you should learn and master to be successful in this sport.

The instructions below will help you with the process of getting a cross choke submission from the full guard positions in jiu-jitsu.

  1. As a starting point, prevent your opponent from controlling your hips or upper body by putting them in closed guard. Then, by disrupting his posture and closing the gap between you and your opponent, utilize your knees and hands to disrupt his weight base.
  2. Then, you should take advantage of the situation by correctly slipping your arms to grasp both collars of your opponent’s Gi and holding them in that position.
  3. Once you have finished setting up the collar choke grips, squeeze your wrists together until you have applied enough pressure on your opponent’s neck that he is forced to tap out. That’s it; you just performed the cross choke technique.

Closed Guard Loop Choke

As soon as you begin your BJJ grappling training, you should become proficient with the loop choke, one of the most common Jiu-Jitsu gi chokes. It is one of the most basic and practical submissions available in BJJ martial arts. On the other hand, the BJJ loop choke is one of the gi choke techniques that can be executed from a variety of positions, including the closed guard.

A loop choke technique from the full guard may be accomplished by following the steps shown below.

  1. Reach the closed guard position and hold the position in place with a rigid control to prevent an escape. Keep your hips and upper body under control if you want to succeed in this endeavor.
  2. When attacking the opponent’s base, make use of your hands and legs appropriately. Then, while your guard is still closed, take advantage of the situation to set up a cross grip.
  3. After that, your second hand will be used to snap down the opponent’s head and will enter the first hand to create a loop.
  4. Use your hands to apply tremendous pressure by squeezing your collar grips on your opponent’s neck. Therefore, this move will help to finish the choke and tap out the opponent.

Closed Guard Ezekiel Choke

The Ezekiel choke is one of the most enthralling submissions in jiu-jitsu and self-defense. To become a vicious fighter, you must become knowledgeable and proficient in the various Ezekiel choke variants available. You may apply this choke technique from multiple positions, including the closed guard and others.

Suppose you are interested in setting up an Ezekiel choke from the full bottom guard. In that case, the following steps will go a long way toward your goal.

  1. Start by putting your opponent in closed guard to prevent them from controlling your hips or upper body as a starting point.
  2. Next, use your legs and hands to disturb his weight base once you have disrupted his posture and closed the gap between you and your opponent.
  3. After that, when the chance presents itself, use one of your hands to seize the opponent’s head with the other.
  4. Then, Insert your free hand across the opponent’s neck to complete setting up the Ezekiel grips
  5. Finish the choke by squeezing your hands together to apply enough pressure to the opponent’s neck to force him to give up.


Gi chokes are among the most fundamental submissions that may be used to beat any opponent in BJJ martial arts. Even in the most renowned jiu-jitsu tournaments, these methods are considerably more successful than the traditional ones. As a result, you should never underestimate a jiu-jitsu choke submission.

I hope that this jiu-jitsu article has assisted you in learning some excellent Gi choke submissions from the closed guard. However, more importantly, the cross choke, loop choke, and Ezekiel choke are going to illuminate your attacking system so far.

On the other hand, you have a variety of BJJ positions using essentially the same principle that can be perfectly awesome to do these choke variations. So, in other words, do not be afraid to go for the choke when you are in the full guard position or any of the different fundamental position.

So, tell us, what is your favorite Gi choke submission from the closed guard?