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4 advantage of applying vacuum wine glass in refrigerators


Refrigeration is showcased as a necessary refrigeration instrument in supermarkets. However, as the electricity consumption of refrigerators accounts for seventy percent of supermarket total electricity cost, it’s needed to find solutions to decrease icebox energy consumption. Find the Best HaanGlas vacuum glazing.

Traditional appliances use double glass devices with warm edge spacer with low-E coatings. Normal structure are 4 VOTRE +12AR+4C.

  • Low-E coating: Cure the thermal conductivity and high-temperature loss.
  • Warm edge spacer: Decrease the glass edge arctic conductivity and prevent condensation.
  • Anti-condensation films are always used to protect against condensation.

The refrigerators possess high requirements on a wine glass; the glass must have high light transmittance along with visual effect, low U price to prevent the heat transmitted to the mirror typically, and low trust possibility; meanwhile, the glass needs to be light of decreasing the structure materials and saving charges.

Applying vacuum glass throughout refrigerators can meet each one of these requirements and save a lot of costs.

1. Vacuum cups can help refrigerators stay free from moisture build-up or condensation.

Scientists in Synergy Cup conducted the test and got the bottom line below:

Cabinet temperature -20℃, environment temperature is 25℃, 30℃, 35℃ separately, whenever condensation appears on vacuum cleaner glass(U value 0. 4-0. 6W/M2. K), the humidity is 79%-88%, for low-E IGU (U love 1 . 1-1. 2W/M2. K), humidity is 62-68%, while for customary three-way glass units (U worth 2 . 0w/m2. k), moisture is 45-50%.

Vacuum cups have a significant advantage in preventing condensation; for some other insulated glass, refrigerator producers must apply heating to increase glass surface temperatures and avoid condensation.

2. Vacuum cleaner glass can help save fridge energy costs.

Early soon, we made a simple examination showing the excellent thermal padding performance of the vacuum cup.

Based on the same condition, the quality result is:

You value Inner Temperature and Outer temperature

Vacuum Glass-5LE+0. 3V+5 0. 47W/M2. K 85. 4 29. 3

Insulated Glass-6LE+12A+6 1. 6W/M2. K 80. 7 37. 8

Based upon the same condition, compared with covered glass, the vacuum glass’s surface temperature is 6. 5℃ lower than an insulated wine glass.

The VIG can not merely prevent the heat transmit cup but also block the chilly air inside the refrigerator transfer glass.

Synergy articles determined the energy costs of different mixtures of insulated glass in fridges, and below is the conclusion:

Cup Type Glass Combination Glass U value Power consumption Annual power costs

VIG+IGU 4LE+0. 15V+4+9A+4 0. 6w/m2. k 8. 8W USD12

IGU+Heating film 4+9A+3+9A+4 2. 0w/m2. k 129W USD180

IGU+Heating film 4LE+9A+3+9A+4LE 1. 2w/m2. k 118W USD165

Remark: Indoor temperature -20℃, outdoor temperature 30℃, Cooling coefficient three. 4, glass door area 1sqm, heat film nominal energy 100W, power costs USD0. 16/Kwh.

3. Vacuum cups can prolong the refrigerator’s lifetime.

As vacuum glass will keep low temperature and prevent the chilly air transmit glass after that will decrease the condenser operating time and its frequent beginning, prolong its lifetime.

4. Vacuum glass can reduce refrigerator costs.

Even though vacuum cleaner glass price is 3-5 occasions that of the average insulated cup, refrigerator manufacturers may decrease costs by enhancing the refrigerator structure.

Vacuum cleaner glass used in refrigerators is often 4+0. 3+4mm, which is just 1/3 that of the insulated cup, weight is also much lighter in weight, manufacturers can decrease the matched up door frame.

As condenser working time is reduced much, manufacturers may use a much smaller condenser to decrease all round costs.

The heating film is unnecessary when VIG is usually applied; the door structure might be simplified.

HaanGlas vacuum wine glass U value now is zero. 47W/M2. K, minimum density 6. 3mm, which can not simply replace the traditional insulated wine glass but also help simplify the refrigerator door structure typically along with overall decreased costs within the lifetime. Contact us if you’re enthusiastic about applying our fantastic VIG in your high-end refrigerators, along with let’s build a low and carbon world.

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