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5 Customer Experience Trends for 2022 that you need to consider


For years, marketers have followed a slogan that many believed would be true: content is king. There’s no questioning the value of strong content as a crucial component of your marketing mix. Without it, your target audience won’t have the information they need to make an informed purchase decision.

 However, something else is more important in today’s buyer journey: the customer experience. All stages throughout the buyer journey and the content inside it must now be focused on providing outstanding customer service. Over the last ten years, consumer behaviour has moved from a need for low costs to a desire for a memorable, good customer experience from the firms with which they do business.

 1. Customer service using advanced AI

Chatbots have been around for a long time, but they are more brilliant than ever in 2022, and they frequently provide exceptional customer service and assistance. Virtual assistants, like chatbots, give an interactive voice to clients seeking assistance. Many customers, particularly millennials, have stated that they are more satisfied with the engagement, information, and support provided by chatbots and virtual assistants than with human customer service.

 Adding a chatbot or virtual assistant to your website allows you to deliver real-time customer service, and the advanced AI allows for intelligent assistance with minimal error.

 2. The mobile-first approach

Over the last several years, marketers have realized the value of being mobile-friendly, which entails establishing mobile versions of a brand’s website that can be seen on mobile devices. However, according to today’s findings, many portions of the customer journey are now completed on mobile devices, prompting marketers to shift gears and embrace a mobile-first strategy.

 This means customizing a large chunk, if not all, of the consumer journey to be completed on mobile devices. Aligning your website, customer support platform, product videos, and other marketing mix components to provide a smooth mobile experience benefits the 40 million Americans who use their phones exclusively.

 3. Virtual reality and augmented reality

Thanks to today’s cutting-edge technology, marketers may now include virtual reality and augmented reality into their marketing mix to deliver a more engaging and memorable customer experience. A brand can set itself apart from competitors by delivering an immersive experience. Of course, VR and AR have several applications, but they are instrumental in the furniture, kitchen and bath, and living industries.

 AR apps help consumers better picture how things will appear, making the buying process more fun and influential. When combined with high-resolution photographs and video, the possibilities for creating an unforgettable consumer experience are endless.

 4. Personalized encounters

Making CX as individualized as possible for your clients is one way to improve it. But unfortunately, one-size-fits-all marketing is an out-of-date approach that is unlikely to yield positive outcomes. Today, many accessible technologies can be used to provide a personalized experience for customers in various ways, from recommending new products based on previous purchases to sending targeted email marketing. Even websites can be customized to display in a specific way when a particular customer returns.

 5. Ability to communicate

Customer communication is a crucial component of providing excellent customer service. The last thing you want is for a consumer to become frustrated over a phone, email, or in-person contact. To that aim, customer service professionals are receiving more training in soft skills such as listening, negotiating, inventiveness, resourcefulness, and attentiveness – in other words, everything that shows the consumer that you care about their problem and are delighted to hear from them.

 Customer Service Stays Critical in 2022 and Beyond

Customer service will most likely become more critical than ever in 2022 for firms to remain successful. As technology progresses and businesses tend to prioritize individualized experiences for customers, offering excellent customer service will become even more critical to a company’s success.

 While human interaction is becoming less typical in many consumer encounters, there will always be a need to emphasize customer service, whether through chatbots, remote teams, or other means.

 To ensure that their services are up-to-date with the newest technology trends, industry best practices, and customer expectations, businesses must continue to make small investments in training new personnel and maintaining top talent.

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