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5 Unique Sales-Driving Marketing Ideas For The Holiday Season


It’s that time of year again: holiday marketing preparation. To read more click here.

The Christmas season is the most acceptable year for sales for many businesses. December is a time when people open their wallets and make purchases, whether you offer gift-worthy crafts or a business course.

It’s critical to offer specials to get people to spend money at your establishment. And you can have a lot of fun with your marketing during the holidays!

Don’t just send out another encouraging email to folk to purchase your goods. Try one of our five eye-catching and engaging Christmas marketing ideas instead.

1. Host a Themed Gathering.

Your audience, customers, and prospects almost certainly have a lot in common. They could wish to meet up in person or over the phone.

To organize a celebration for them. It may be coffee or champagne in your store, a Zoom call with ugly sweaters, or a contribution swap.

A live event, no matter what, gets people psyched for the season and allows them to interact (which is particularly important in 2022).

A get-together is the single most effective technique to create a community. Offer a discount in conjunction with the event to improve sales and encourage people to talk about your items.

You may now connect with and locate your new and existing customers in a matter of seconds! Yes, you heard correctly when I said: “within seconds.” Our pro-tip will assist you in locating and reconnecting with your global partners and customers.

Pro Tip 💡 Find and connect with your customers worldwide. Send an email to the most well-known national or international organizations or sales experts for any sales and marketing choirs. Because ( helps millions of individuals worldwide find email addresses quickly! is a free email extraction application with ten free credits and white pages.

2. Make a Bingo Game Card

To earn the maximum sales over the holidays, you must cross-sell and upsell your consumers. A bingo card might be precisely the thing to persuade clients to buy something extra.

To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Draw nine squares on a bingo card (like a tic-tac-toe game).
  2. Fill each bingo square with small, cheap upsell items or add-on services. If you like, you may leave the middle court blank or put a top-rated product!
  3. Then, when someone makes a “bingo,” give them a freebie or a discount. (They can draw a straight or diagonal line between the squares representing the products/services they purchased.)

You can quickly make an eye-catching bingo card with Canva and send it in your emails.

3. Provide promotions on Gift Cards

Offering gift cards is one of the most effective holiday marketing strategies for increasing sales. Almost everyone is shopping for gifts for their family, friends, coworkers, and clients, and your company may offer the ideal present for them.

Remember that gift cards aren’t only for t-shirt shops, toys store, or restaurants. Anyone can make a “gift-able” product. For example, if your course costs $500, sell simply the first or most popular video for $25. It may be the ideal present, as well as an opportunity to get a new customer.

Alternatively, if you’re a consultant, you might sell an in-depth consultation or initial encounter as a stand-alone service. It is available for purchase by your current clients.

4. Celebrate Hanukkah for Eight days.

The rituals and ceremonies of Hanukkah are not well-known. Take advantage of the chance to educate your audience if you have one. Please encourage them to be philanthropic and learn more about the Jewish faith during the eight days.

Every Christmas marketing communication should not be aimed at generating sales. It’s a fantastic way to engage with your consumers personally, as people with families and traditions.

Important reminder: Remember to be culturally aware in all of your Christmas marketing. If you’re not sure how to express anything, don’t say anything at all.

5. Hold a referral contest around the Holidays.

Referrals are frequently the most effective strategy to get new consumers. Allow your best supporters to brag about you – and then reward them.

If you currently have a referral program in place, such as $20 for referring someone who makes a purchase, you may increase it to $40 for the holidays. Also, give a new consumer a 10% discount on their first transaction (or more if you can).

Better, make holiday referrals a competition. One of your most valued items or services will be awarded to whoever delivers you the most consumers, social followers, or even new prospects.

For example, AWeber is a great way to send out Holiday Marketing Campaigns.

Are you ready to talk about your fantastic Christmas promotion? Begin by creating a free account. AWeber may be used to send it as an email.

Have a good time with this competition. In Canvas, you can create badges or countdown images to include in your contest mailings.

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