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A List of Some of the Best Grand Theft Auto Servers


Grand Theft Auto 5 is a massively successful videogame and more and more people are opting to play it, even though it is 8 years old. However, for most people around the world, to be able to access a compatible version of the game, they have to work their way through one of many GTA RP servers.

Many of these servers have custom GTA maps, premium scripts, different mods, and a lot more! Now, that you know you will need some servers, how will you decide which one will be the best one to use? Here’s a list of all the servers that you could use to have a great gaming experience!

Best Grand Theft Auto Servers


We all know that you require a third-party server in order to have a blissful gaming experience; however, selecting one can be tricky. Here are a few servers you can opt for.


Hosting 32 players at a time, NoPixel is a fairly common server for which players choose to opt. It has some modified car mods, and custom GTA maps, but still does not host too many players at once. The pixel server focuses more on GTA 5 role-playing. Being one of the best GTA RP servers, NoPixel can be your next pick!

Eclipse RP

While the NoPixel server hosts 32 players at one time, the Eclipse server hosts approximately 200 players at once. They have a wide range of custom maps that you can choose from. One of the greatest features of this server is that it has a very detailed forum. There are a number of crime factions that can be chosen.

However, with Eclipse, you might have to endure a long waiting cue before you successfully get in.

Mafia City

This is a pure roleplay server, which has been developing for over two years and has now finally become available for gamers to sign up. It has a drastic legal and illegal grouping system, maps and characters can be customized, and there are a number of extensions that you can buy and incorporate into your own version of the game.

While the above-mentioned servers work with great precision, there is very little liberty for a customized server. If you’re looking to create your own server that features premium scripts, GTA 5 five mods, custom GTA maps, and a lot more, then you should take a look at the FiveM servers! To make your FiveM server stand out, you can buy maps, mods, and more at the FiveM store that offers some of the best five servers along with some of the best five scripts.

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