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Albert Ezerzer: Grab some unknown information about this famous personality from this article now!

Albert Ezerzer


Have you heard this name before? Well, if you are interested in the American drama or entertainment industry,  you will surely hear the name of  Albert Ezerzer. So many people around the world,  looking for him online to gather some information about his personality, net worth, lifestyle, death, and many more.

If you are one of them then this article will surely help you to collect some proper information about this popular personality very well. It is very important to have the proper knowledge about anything you are looking for. So, keep reading to check on every detail about Albert Ezerzer from this article.

Who is Albert Ezerzer?

In this article,  you can be able to know about every single thing about this famous personality. First of all, who Albert Ezerzer is can be one of the most asked questions for some people. So, Albert Ezerzer was an American actor who was very talented. Besides this, he was so a former transportation management facility driver who worked on different film sets very well. At the age of 55, Albert Ezerzer passed away in the year of 2014. This was shocking news for every single one at that time.

albert ezerzer
albert ezerzer

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His contribution as a driver, in various scenes was terrible. Before his regrettable death, his impact on the films he worked was unbelievable. In this article,  we will try to explore his life, career, and more.

About Albert Ezerzer’s age and biography

This famous personality was born in the United States on 31st January 1959 and died when he was 55 years as we mentioned before. After finishing his education he started working in the entertainment industry as an actor. Besides this, he was also working as a driver for Cameron Diaz as well. He was from a Christian family and his personality was very interesting. His height was 5’11” feet and his weight was 76 kg. From his childhood,  he was very interested in acting. As a driver, he started his journey and also pushed his passion as a career.

This is how he became successful and grabbed every single one’s attention very positively. His contribution to the Suits cast will never be forgotten.

Family history of Albert Ezerzer

If you want to know about his family life before starting his acting career, Albert Ezerzer did not love to expose his personal life publicly at all. There are no records of his early life but after becoming a successful actor he married. According to the source, his wife’s name is Rachel Ezerzer.

There is no information about his children on the internet. No one has any information about his personal life so clearly. He always wanted to maintain his privacy from the media very strongly. Though, in his personal life, he was a loving husband. As a couple,  they spend their time and life together very positively.

In his life, he found out his wife was very supportive. The marriage brought them full of joy and happiness in their lives. His ability to balance his personal life and professional life was outstanding.  He knows how to maintain it properly. Overall,  their marriage was the pillar of his life.

Career and success

As we mentioned before,  Albert Ezerzer was a former driver and he worked on different movie sets. You can also notify him as an on-screen driver on some occasions as well. From his childhood, he always wanted to become an actor. Day by day he punched his talent and achieved his dream. He was a very hardworking and talented actor. Every cast and crew of any show thanked him and his effort very positively.

As time goes on, he becomes one of the most important parts of the entertainment industry. Until his death, he worked so hard and passionately every time. He is known for his creativity and humanitarian spirit. After completing his education, he always wanted to be successful and also wanted to be recognized for his work. His passion and talent for his work were unnatural. Albert Ezerzer’s movie list is given below.

  • Interstate 60: Episodes of the road.
  • No one could protect her.
  • Covert One: The Hades Factor.
  • Tart and More.

The net worth of Albert Ezerzer

According to the source, still, it is still not the exact net worth and salary of Albert Ezerzer. However,  as per the final report, his net worth was around $500,000. This amount is not as proper as we assumed in his profession. As an actor, he was outstanding and charged a high amount for his talent. So, it could be a proper calculation.

albert ezerzer
albert ezerzer

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What was the reason for Albert Ezerzer’s death?

This famous personality died in the year of 2014, 9th May. Then he was 55 years old. The main reason for his death was a ruptured aortic aneurysm. Before his death, he suffered from heavy internal bleeding caused by this disorder in his chest. The most painful thing is that he died before reaching the hospital. His family, friends, and fans were shocked by the news of his death.

His condition was not that good and trapped with several heart attacks while working with his crew. It was a big loss for his fans and loved ones.

Is DB Woodside related to Albert Ezerzer?

Some so many people get confused about it and in this part of this article, we will clearly explain everything very well. It will help you to understand some basic things very properly.

DB Woodside and Albert Ezerzer, both are different people. These two do not share any blood relation as well. They are paired with look-alike features and personalities. So, do not be confused about it.

On the other side, DB Woodside was also an American actor who was born on 25th July, in the year of 1969. These two popular personalities are different and very talented on their path. Both have their unique backgrounds and acting careers. Both are well-established and perform brilliantly.

Some quick factors about Albert Ezerzer to know!

Here are some basic and vital factors are given below.  Just check it out quickly to know your favorite personality more efficiently. Are you ready to grab all the information about him now? Let’s start then.

  • The famous personality Albert Ezerzer was born on 31st January in the year of 1959 in California, the United States.
  • He was from a Christian family and finished his education at a local institution.
  • From his childhood, he wanted to become an actor.
  • He started his career as a driver and after some time he pushed his passion to become a successful person.
  • He married Rachel Ezerzer and had two children.
  • He loves music and also can play guitar in his spare time.
  • He was a good human being, he donated to various charities and causes.
  • He had a ruptured aortic aneurysm and he died on 9th May, in the year of 2014.
  • He had black hair and black eyes.
  • His net worth is estimated at nearly $500,000. There is no clear information about it on the internet.
  • He worked so hard and very importantly a good human.

Notable films and TV shows throughout his career!

  • Interstate 60: Episodes of the road were released in the year 2002. It was a comedy film written by Bob Gale and directed by James Marsden. In this movie, Albert Ezerzer is the driver for Mr. Marsden.
  • No be could protect her: it was the crime-drama film that was released in 1996. This film was based on a true story of a women who was raped. Albert Ezerzer also worked in this film.
  • Covert One: The Hades Factor: This is a mini-series based on a novel. Albert Ezerzer was the transportation coordinator for this production house.
  • Tart: This is a teen drama film that was very popular. This film was released in the year of 2001. Albert Ezerzer was the driver for the production.
albert ezerzer
albert ezerzer

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  • Suits: This is a legal drama TV series and a very popular show. Albert Ezerzer was the transportation coordinator for the first three seasons of this show. After that, he died and we missed one of the great personalities from the American environment industry.

He began his career as a cast driver for a television show and day by day he became one of the successful men.

The wrap-up

Many sources have different information about this famous personality but his dedication to his work and personal life was unbelievable. His passion and talent made him popular all over the world. You may now come to know about Albert Ezerzer very well from this article and also feel unfortunate about his death.