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Alphabet Stock – What Are Alphabet’s Competitors?


Currently, the company is headquartered in Mountain View, California. Its parent company is Google, a multinational technology conglomerate holding company. It was created on October 2, 2015, through the restructuring of Google. It became the parent company of several former Google subsidiaries, including Google Inc.


Historically, dividends were one of the main reasons investors purchased stocks. They provided owners with a predictable income stream and allowed them to take advantage of capital returns. In recent years, dividends have become more popular with investors, especially during bear markets.

The market has been buzzing about dividend stocks in recent months. A good example is Alphabet (formerly Google), one of the top-performing companies on the market. It has a fortress balance sheet, a healthy cash flow, and a diversified tech portfolio. However, does it pay a dividend?

There are several reasons to question whether or not Alphabet would pay a dividend. For starters, the company is not a high-yield stock, it is not yet clear what its near-term bets are, and it is not a high-growth company.

There are two share classes in Alphabet. The stock trades under the ‘A’ and ‘C’ classes. The ‘A’ class contains Alphabet’s primary business, Google, while the ‘C’ class includes its Other Bets segment, which provides for Google Fiber and Verily.

Voting rights

Whether buying or selling Alphabet shares, you may be interested in the voting rights offered. These rights are different from those provided with ordinary shares. Unfortunately, however, the market doesn’t value them the same way it does with common shares.

In addition to the alphabet stock, there are three other types of common shares issued by Alphabet. These are the Class B, Class A, and Class C shares. Each has different voting rights, dividend sharing, and capital rights.

The company’s founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin own almost all of Alphabet’s Class B shares. They control about half of the total voting power. They also own a significant amount of GOOGL shares.

A few insiders also own a substantial portion of the company’s Class B shares. These investors include Eric Schmidt and John Doerr. These individuals represent a small percentage of the voting power, but they have much control over how the company is governed.

Tracking performance

Getting a handle on the performance of Alphabet stock has been a challenge for investors. The company is known for its heavy investment in businesses, but its free cash flow yield isn’t as generous as its competitors.

The best way to get an idea of the performance of Alphabet is to look at its key metrics. The first is its return on equity, which has risen to 17 percent. This metric is one of the most important metrics to track when evaluating a stock’s value. A low ratio is usually a good sign, but a high balance can indicate a worse deal.

Another metric is the PEG, which stands for the “price-earnings-to-growth” ratio. This metric shows how a stock’s price is influenced by growth. If the company grows faster than the industry, it can be a good indication of its value.

The Zacks Consensus Estimate isn’t much different than the last time it was published. It is still estimated to produce $4.68 in the current fiscal year. The number is down slightly from a month ago but has remained surprisingly stable over the past 30 days.


Founded in 2015, Alphabet is a California-based multinational conglomerate that owns technology-based businesses worldwide. It is mainly focused on providing search engines and other internet-based products. Although it is known as one of the largest companies in the world, it has only recently been valued at $1.202 trillion, making it the fourth-largest company by market cap. In this article, we will explore the company’s competitors and its CEO’s approval rating.

Alphabet is the fourth-largest company by market capitalization, the total market value of a publicly traded company’s outstanding shares. The company’s headquarters are located in Mountain View, California. The company is known for its internet-based products, such as Google, and its other businesses, including Apple, Baidu, Lurkin, and Meta.