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Anime Store in Mall


If you love anime, this mall store will delight you. Packed full of manga, figures, and merchandise – not to mention hosting events to bring fans together and foster a sense of community – this anime store won’t disappoint fans of manga and animation alike! Discover the best info about 4anime.

These stores are an excellent way to discover unique anime merchandise for yourself and your friends, in addition to providing access to an extensive selection of books and games.

Akihabara Gamers

Akihabara Gamers is a must-see destination for anime and gaming fans, located close to Tokyo Station. Offering an extensive selection of video games, consoles, and accessories, as well as merchandise like manga and figurines, Akihabara Gamers makes an excellent gift or addition to any collection!

This shop stands out with its unusual name, combining Japanese words for “game” () with an English pun on “gamers.” With its playful character and extensive selection of video games, this store has quickly become one of the most beloved stores in Japan. As well as offering such products as comic authors’ signing events and voice actor signings – they also host promotional events, including comic author signings! Popular among young people, its website even hosts an active user forum for visitors to post comments or ask questions!

Although video gaming popularity has seen a substantial decrease over time, Akihabara remains a center for Japanese otaku culture. This unique shopping area is well known for offering vintage video game stores, anime figurines, and trading cards – not forgetting maid cafes where customers can have spell-casting sessions from beautiful female servers!

An excellent place to find character goods is at one of the Animate stores located throughout Japan. Akihabara was home to one of these stores when it first opened its doors in spring 2023 – its 8-floor flagship location boasts not only anime goods but also some of the latest releases in animation and manga, as well as hosting promotional events like autograph sessions from anime voice actors and manga artists!

GiGO game centers located throughout the station offer another great venue to purchase anime-related goods. Offering various activities – rhythm games where players hit drums to win characters and claw machines to choose from – and hosting Taiko no Tatsujin events are two great places for anime merchandise shopping.


Are You an Anime Fan in New York City? There are numerous great locations throughout New York City where anime fans can shop for manga, figurines, and other Japanese merchandise, such as magazines or t-shirts. Many stores stock both English and Japanese language publications and television show merchandise to provide the ideal shopping experience. They offer the perfect way for anyone passionate about Japan to bring a piece of their country home with them!

Kinokuniya may look like any ordinary bookstore on its first floor, but head upstairs, and you’ll discover an entire world of anime and collectibles! Spend hours rummaging through their selection – everything from Funko Pops and action figures to manga and collectibles – you won’t find anywhere else in NYC! Any anime fans in NYC should visit Kinokuniya.

Kinokuniya is an international bookstore chain with locations in the US, Australia, and Singapore. The store is famous for its vast collection of books and stationery as well as its well-organized places with ample seating capacity. Kinokuniya also provides educational materials tailored for both school-age children and adults, as well as offering gift items.

While not as large as some other stores on this list, this store remains an excellent option for anime fans in the United States. Situated near Bryant Park and with friendly staff that are happy to assist customers, you will indeed find something suitable at prices that won’t break the bank!

Yes, Anime, a small shop specializing in movies, TV, and hobby culture, carries an assortment of figurines, toys, and collectibles – such as Japanese action figures – as well as books related to anime in the US.

Books Kinokuniya was established in Shinjuku, Japan, in 1927 with the belief that bookstores should serve more than simply selling books; instead, they should serve as cultural centers celebrating local arts and history. Today, this mission continues, as Kinokuniya has expanded internationally with an impressive inventory.

Midtown Comics

This company enjoys a strong reputation for offering top-quality products at highly competitive prices, along with exceptional customer service. Each purchase is carefully packaged so customers receive them in perfect condition, and its website provides easy navigation and multiple payment options.

Midtown Comics is one of the nation’s premier comic book stores and offers an incredible selection of both old and new titles, as well as collectible items such as action figures and statues – it is a must-visit destination for any comic fan!

When in New York, don’t miss a visit to Times Square Comics in NYC – their staff is friendly and helpful, ready to find whatever it is you’re searching for! With two floors dedicated to new comics as well as vintage collections, there’s sure to be something here that tickles your fancy.

And they offer incredible savings, too. From their daily deals that slash significant percentages off original price to weekly publisher sales and clearance items such as back issues – you may even score yourself a free comic when pre-ordering!

This comic book store boasts an expansive selection of superhero comics and is very popular with fans of superhero films. Situated near Union Square Regal Cinema, they host events and sales based around each significant Marvel and DC release as well as having an abundance of t-shirts and merchandise available for purchase.

It’s not as cheap as other comic shops, but it’s still an excellent resource for busy individuals with busy lives. Their service is exceptional, and their knowledge of comics is extensive, helping you locate any title. Comics come wrapped individually with peel-and-stick bags, so your order arrives undamaged; plus, there is also an incentive program where customers can earn credit with every purchase!


Are You an Anime Fan Looking to Buy Some Cool Stuff? Look No Further. There are several anime stores in the US where you can shop. From small shops that carry only limited merchandise to larger establishments with wide-ranging inventory and even hosting events at their location, whether it’s t-shirts or hardback books you need, they have it all!

The Del Amo Fashion Center is one of the United States’s largest malls and features many Japanese-related businesses, such as Mitsuwa and Book-Off, that cater specifically to Japanese consumers. This shopping destination can provide ample opportunity to find anime and manga products; however, it may become quite crowded over time.

Book-Off (butsukuhukoporeshiyon, stylized as BOOKOFF) is Japan’s leading secondhand bookstore chain. Their stores sell a selection of secondhand books, including manga, as well as CDs, DVDs, and video games for purchase at reasonable prices. Book-Off stores stand out among their peers due to their spacious interiors, clean environments, and bright illumination – qualities that have become trademarks.

Book-Off not only sells secondhand products but also buys them from customers. Anyone wishing to sell items without an appointment is welcome – though larger lots may require identification before being accepted by the store. Furthermore, their website contains helpful seller guidelines, including how to clean books and DVDs before selling them off.

Book-Off now has eight locations across the US, two in Hawaii and five in California. Gardena and Del Amo locations are among the oldest, while New York City stores boast the most recent openings; New York City stores carry a wider variety of English manga titles than their counterparts.

Gardena and Del Amo stores carry an assortment of anime-related merchandise but may not always have what you’re searching for. Their stock typically features more popular titles while providing limited rare or collectible items. If something specific interests you, contact the store ahead of time so they can check if what you want is in stock.

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