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Apple Find My Phone – How to Find Your Lost iPhone With AirPods


Apple finds my phone is an app that allows you to remotely locate your lost or stolen iPhone. The program is also available for Mac computers and Apple Watches. The service has been merged and improved in recent releases. In the new iOS 13, you can also use Find Me to locate your iPad. However, the app will only work if you have both your iPhone and iPad.

Mark as a lost feature

Apple’s “Mark As Lost” feature allows you to lock the device with a passcode and turn off Apple Pay so that would-be thieves cannot purchase it. It also displays a custom message with a contact number on the Lock Screen, which makes it easier to recover a stolen device.

To activate the Mark As Lost feature, tap the Notify When Found switch in the Find My app. Then, type the number you want the device owner to call to return the device to you. If the device is still online, you can tap the “Update in Lost Mode” button to send the lost person a message.

The Mark as the lost feature is not available on all devices. You must be logged in with your Apple ID to use the feature. If you want to turn it off, turn off Face ID or Touch ID or set a passcode. Once you have done this, you can use the Lost Mode feature.

Limitations of third-party integration

Apple recently added the ability for third-party developers to integrate location-tracking devices into the Find My app. Unfortunately, it has some limitations as well. First, the company must obtain permission from users before granting third-party tracking apps access to their location. Second of all, it will not allow customers to use two different tracking apps at the same time.

In addition, third-party applications can only use Bluetooth hardware when necessary. When they go beyond those limits, Apple cuts off their access, and the software will no longer work. Unfortunately, Apple does not notify developers of these thresholds.


Apple’s Find My app is standard on all iPhones, iPads, and Macs. It can help you find any Apple device, friends, and family. It will also be available for compatible third-party devices in April 2021. For more information, check out the Apple site.

Apple products have Bluetooth radios to locate lost devices passively. The system also includes a lost mode, which shows a message or phone number you can leave if you can’t find it yourself. The service is also available through the mail. Users should have an iPhone with iOS 8 or higher.

Using AirPods

If you’ve ever lost your phone and are worried about not being able to find it, you may want to try using AirPods to find it. With this new technology, you can locate your phone from your AirPods without ever having to use Find My Phone. However, be aware that the Bluetooth location will only show up when the AirPods are within range of your phone.

The app is available on iOS devices and can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store. It works with many Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 devices. Once you download the app, you can install it on your iPhone.