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Apple Iphone Se 64gb Review : A robust smartphone with a classic look!

Apple Iphone Se 64gb Review


We will share the Apple Iphone Se 64gb Review. The iPhone SE (2022) is a little, vintage phone with current features packed inside of it. Some might also rightly describe it as outdated. Nonetheless, despite the retro feelings, the finished product is quite appealing for people on a tight budget. For $429, you get the same A15 Bionic processor as the iPhone 13 and 5G connection, so you can take beautiful images and experience best-in-class performance. With the new SE compared to the prior iPhone SE (2020), Apple also guarantees an increase in battery life of two hours and a more robust build. Some people might prefer using the accustomed Home button with Touch ID for swiftly unlocking your phone even when you don’t have Face ID.

To get an iPhone at this price point, you’ll have to make some compromises, such as with the hefty bezels, the absence of Night mode, and the lack of Verizon Ultra Wideband. There is no disputing the appeal of carrying about a phone this compact that is so frickin’ powerful and capable, as you’ll see in my iPhone SE (2022) review. It’s undoubtedly among the top affordable phones available.


  • 4.7-inch screen
  • A 5G connection
  • Bionic chip A15
  • Phone model iPhone 8
  • Token ID
  • Back camera with a single lens
  • 4GB RAM
  • Beginning at $429
Apple Iphone Se 64gb Review
Apple Iphone Se 64gb Review


The internals of the SE point to the iPhone 6s from 2015, which was the last significant iPhone release up until this moment, despite the fact that the phone’s design dates back to 2013. The Apple A9 processor, clocked at 1.85GHz, and 2GB of Memory power the gadget. Unexpectedly, the SE is speedier than the considerably more expensive 6s device, as shown in the screenshot for the Geekbench benchmark above.

How Apple crammed internals from a 2015 phone into a 2013 shell is astounding. This is an unusual occurrence in the cell phone sector. The device performed things fairly quickly in real-world usage, and to my surprise, this quick performance had no negative effects on battery life.


With the exception of 3D Touch, the iPhone SE has nearly all the functionality of an iPhone 6s running iOS 9.3.1. The Night Shift feature on phones allows you to set the display to a cosier tone at night. It’s encouraging to see how iOS has advanced over time. On the SE, I found it to be incredibly stable and fluid, and SE has some features that 5S did not have.With the 64GB version of the gadget, you receive approximately 55GB, as you can see. On the 16GB model, though, you receive about 12GB of spare space. Once Siri is configured, you may use it to accomplish a wide range of things, just like on other iOS devices, by just saying the “Hey Siri” command to start it.

Using an iPhone is fun and interesting thanks to the abundance and high calibre of apps available through the AppStore. While there are certain games and apps that cost money, there is also a tonne of free stuff available. With a free 3-month trial period, Apple Music is available as a subscription for Rs. 120 a month. You have unrestricted access to millions of tracks, all of which can be heard offline as well.


  • Excellent construction
  • Strong internals
  • Battery life that is superior
  • With Live Pictures and 4K Video, the rear camera is excellent.
  • WiFi and cell phone connectivity that is quick
  • A vast assortment of apps and stable iOS software
Apple Iphone Se 64gb Review
Apple Iphone Se 64gb Review


  • The 5S’s design is used.
  • In India, the price is high.
  • Front facing camera is below mediocre.
  • only supports 16/64GB of storage.


The iPhone SE is not for everyone, but it is for people who desire a strong smartphone in a small form factor. However, the pricing in India is not as tempting as it is in the US, where it is roughly $399, which is the lowest price an iPhone has ever been introduced at. Yet, Apple’s intention is apparent; they want to make the iPhone available to a far larger audience, which is why the iPhone SE was created. While I did miss the bigger screen after spending some time with the SE, and typing on the smaller screen took some getting used to, after a few days I fell in love with the SE’s portability and performance.

Since I was used to carrying around many large screen phones in my pockets, the adjustment to the iPhone SE, which is exceptionally small and light, was refreshing. I wish there were more powerful yet little phones like this on the market. The SE is expected to soon have significantly lower prices, and we anticipate increased demand for this device.