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Are you currently a Good Sponsor?


If you’re through multilevel and network marketing, I want to know what kind of coordinator you are.

I was in an online community today, and this person who has not been in the business al all along said that his sponsor by no means talks to him; everything is focused on autopilot, so they get automated messages each once in a while.

He never learns from his sponsor; their sponsor never personally approached him when he signed up and didn’t answer his email messages.

And what has happened is, as this sponsor has relocated up in the ranks and it has started making more money, he’s turned into a “blind sponsor. ” A lot like having a blind company proprietor that buys a company but never shows up, doesn’t treat what anybody else has been performing, literally doesn’t care exactly who is doing because they pay people to do every little thing for him.

So this coordinator has moved up and virtually automated the entire business. He’s acquired co-ops bringing people throughout; he’s probably got electronic assistants handling the emails; he’s got an autoresponder system set up; he has got automated systems intended for when you opt-in, you obtain an automatic download for a thing.

But you can not find him or her anywhere. There’s just zero where to find him. So you sign up for his program, and then you aren’t just left suspended because all of these automated drinks are coming in, but there’s no personalized interaction.

As I mentioned in a couple of other videos, and since you’ll hear some top-rated online marketers say, MLM, multilevel marketing is a people business. From the people business.

And after that sometimes happen, in case you get yourself up to the point where you do not remember where you came from, more or less, you’ve got everybody doing everything for you. You’re just logging in to your back workplace once a month to ensure everything’s flowing the way it should be simply because you’re paying someone else to deal with it for you; that’s almost all fine and good.

However, think about the people that you’re developing. Where will they obtain help if you arrange everything and pay everyone else to do things for you, after which they just leave?

No online seminars, no meetings, no appearing at events, nothing. If you’re likely to have that cash, buy a baseball group. Pay your coach, shell out your managers, and you can only sit back and enjoy life.

That is certainly fine. But when you’re through network marketing, it’s a people organization. If you sponsor an individual, if your name is around that I brought you straight into this company, the people who come together under you will expect you to be there for them, to show these people the way.

Even if it’s merely a personal Skype chat, a private email, just touching the bottom part with you once in a while, ‘Can My spouse and i help you? ‘ And this is usually really important because I’ve had this happen to me already.

My spouse and I signed up with a company, and I can get answers nowhere from any individual. So it’s like, I’m investing in a system that I can’t utilize because I don’t know using it.

So I’m available looking everywhere and anyplace, and it just totally tosses out the window the concept of recruiting like-minded people because once you turn yourself into where you’re automated. Everybody else does everything for you; you don’t understand who you’re recruiting.

You don’t need to know what mindset they’re upon, you don’t know anything about them, and you don’t know what they’re like. And actually, you set yourself as much as someone who does not care.

They don’t care about certainly not the money. As long as that cash keeps rolling in and somebody else is doing the work, these kinds are just off somewhere else.

You don’t see that from top-rated online marketers like Ray Higdon, David Boozer, and Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Cash flow, and the list can go about. They’re up there and going to Figi, but when they recruit people into their organization, it’s on a personal level.

They talk to their men and women; they still provide data, they still do videos, and they still do webinars themselves. Every little thing in their business is still face-to-face. And those are the people that you wish to sign up with.

Also, regardless of the level you’re coming in with, no matter what company you’re joining, those are the people you would like to follow and listen to simply because those are the people that tend to be doing it right.

So I am not going to name brands, but there’s one that I realize is a full-page ad within a magazine every month, but he is nowhere to be found. His encounter is in that advertisement. His name is listed as the sponsor, but he’s nowhere to be found.

That’s because of his determination and money, so he/she doesn’t care about anybody signing up. There’s no health care in the world.

And there are people out there that adhere to that. More power to them once they want to be like that; nevertheless it doesn’t help the new persons coming into your business because if you are bringing in new people, they will know that you care about who you’re signing up with because it is the most people’s business.

So always remember that if you’re a sponsor. Automation of tasks, completely running your company hands-free; if you have all the money on the planet and you don’t care about any person but yourself and your funds, go ahead and set it up. Buy into your current co-ops so you don’t correctly care who comes in or when they can be found, and you go about your business.

And that is fine. If you do that, I think you’re in the entirely wrong kind of business, but who am I to say?

If you want to be considered a good sponsor and you desire people to trust you, or perhaps like David Boozer claims, ‘know, like and rely on you, ‘ keep yourself prominent. Keep yourself accessible, even if most likely only putting videos out there; keep yourself available to the people you need to join your company.

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