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Avast Antivirus For Android Features


Avast antivirus for Android offers a wide variety of features. It is available for free and in premium versions. Some of its features require you to give permissions to function. Others are standard Avast features, and some require more. You may want to select the Premium or Free options depending on your needs.


Free avast antivirus for Android is a valuable security tool that offers a range of protection against malware, unsafe apps, and unwanted callers. It has over 100 million downloads. It provides a free and paid version, which can be downloaded for 30 days. It also includes anti-spyware features.

Avast mobile offers full-featured antivirus protection, web protection, and a firewall. It also has a nifty anti-theft module to help protect you in case your phone is lost. The free version of this antivirus also offers additional security options, including the ability to schedule call blocking. The application is compatible with all essential security tools, and there’s even a multi-device plan available for those who need a lot of protection.

Antivirus apps are essential for mobile devices because they can protect against spyware, mobile malware, and app permissions. The best free antivirus apps do an excellent job of protecting your phone without excessive bandwidth requirements or performance issues. They also excel in terms of feature set and usability.


Avast Antivirus Premium for Android is a full-featured security app. It includes numerous helpful antivirus features and security measurements, ensuring your Android device is protected against malware, viruses, and spyware. In addition, it offers an updated online security platform to protect you against online threats.

Avast’s Smart Scan feature launches a comprehensive system scan that checks for malware and active threats. It also flags software missing security patches and looks for performance issues. A complete system scan took about 34 minutes, and I found three “advanced issues” requiring premium cleanup utilities.

One of the features of Avast Antivirus Premium is its built-in Junk Cleaner tool, which will clean your device of unnecessary files and data. For example, the software will remove system caches, gallery thumbnails, installation files, and other remnant data. Another feature is the call blocker, which will block calls from unwanted numbers. Avast Antivirus also has a web shield, which scans for malware-infected links and blocks adware and spyware. It can also detect mistyped URLs.

Dark web monitoring

Dark web monitoring is a great way to protect yourself from identity theft. It searches for stolen data in data dumps on the dark web. These are often blogs and chat forums. They can also be peer-to-peer file-sharing networks. These data dumps are then traded in dark web marketplaces. One of the most famous is the Silk Road, an underground marketplace for selling weapons and drugs. It was also a place to buy stolen data in bulk. Many other dark web marketplaces have sprung up since then.

There are a lot of security threats on the dark web. For example, cybercriminals often use keyloggers to monitor passwords. They may also poison DNS cache or set up pharming attacks. AVG AntiVirus FREE can help you avoid such threats and keep your data safe.

Accessibility Permission

You may have to manually give your antivirus app Accessibility permission if you use an Android device. This permission is required by some devices, such as those that need you to turn your screen off before the app can start. It can help protect you from malicious websites or phishing attacks.

However, it is not all malicious apps that request this permission. Some apps are just trying to fool you and may use the Accessibility Service. This can be dangerous, and you should be careful when downloading new apps from unknown sources. Always use a trusted app store, like Google Play.

Battery usage

While some individuals believe that viruses and malware can reduce the battery life of a mobile phone, this has not been scientifically proven. However, antivirus programs affect a mobile phone’s battery life in several ways. For example, they may cause the battery to run down faster and infect other programs.

The battery usage of Avast Mobile Security is minimal and will not be noticeable unless you’re constantly using it or running out of battery. However, if battery life is one of your primary concerns, you should know that some apps are notorious for eating up battery life. For instance, Facebook Messenger has recently changed its app to include push notifications, which use up a significant amount of battery life.

Avast’s battery saver program automatically recognizes and permanently disables applications that drain battery life. It also automatically reduces Internet activity when the device is not in use. It can also deactivate WiFi when no WiFi networks are available.