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Best Batteries For Trail Cameras


Trail cameras left running for extended periods can quickly drain their batteries due to self-discharge and energy loss over time. Find the trail camera.

Selecting the optimal batteries for trail cameras can be challenging when AA batteries start with varying voltage levels and fade in power at different rates, further complicating matters.

Energizer NH15BP-8 Rechargeable AA Batteries

The Energizer Recharge Power Plus AA batteries offer long-lasting power for devices utilizing AA batteries, such as digital cameras, handheld GPS devices, wireless gaming systems, and toys. Rechargeable up to 1000 times using nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) technology and holding their charge for up to 12 months when not in use, these Energizer-branded NiMH batteries feature raised positive and flat negative terminals for secure fitment in devices requiring long-lasting power; their 2300 mAh capacity usually charges most devices completely, but results may vary depending on device and use.

Panasonic Eneloop Battery

Panasonic Eneloop batteries have long been recognized for their superior quality and longevity in the rechargeable battery industry. Utilizing an innovative nickel-metal hydride alloy lattice design, these rechargeable batteries retain over 70%* of their capacity even after ten years’ storage – an unprecedented figure among rechargeables! Furthermore, unlike their traditional alkaline counterparts, they don’t suffer the same degradation in performance during usage.

These batteries are sturdy and reliable outdoors, making them an excellent choice for trail cameras due to their low self-discharge rate and extended shelf life. Furthermore, their refresh rate allows them to reuse energy stored longer than other brands.

Panasonic Eneloop Pro batteries are an ideal choice for high-drain devices like camera flashes and flashlights due to their higher capacity than standard counterparts and their ability to be recharged up to 500 times. Furthermore, these batteries have a lower risk of losing charge during storage and lower internal resistance, meaning they can handle higher current draws than their competitors.

One key advantage of lithium batteries over alkaline ones is their ability to operate at cold temperatures. Unlike alkaline ones, which only discharge power at half the rate they did when frozen solid, these will continue releasing energy at a rate similar to when their initial load was engaged even after being frozen solid.

Hunting enthusiasts who plan to use their cameras in harsh environments like northern regions will find these lithium-ion batteries especially beneficial, with far lower risk of failure than their alkaline counterparts – another critical consideration when choosing the correct batteries for a trail camera.

Eneloops offers exceptional quality at an excellent value. At only half the cost of traditional alkaline batteries and lasting twice as long, Eneloops make an appealing option for any hunter – the Wirecutter even named them runners-up in its comparison of best trail camera batteries; their only drawback was the slightly more costly price point.

Tenergy Premium Batteries

Tenergy batteries are an ideal option for anyone using multiple high-drain devices that require constant power. Their 2500mAh capacity and ability to be recharged numerous times make them an eco-friendly, cost-effective alternative to disposable AA batteries – holding their charge longer than other brands and working well in various applications (they’re even the ideal AA battery choice for trail cameras!).

Tenergy’s bulk bundle of 12 AAA and 12 AA rechargeable batteries offers an affordable way to stock up on quality rechargeables from Silicon Valley suppliers. Each battery holds its charge longer, meaning less frequent changes, though these won’t outperform Eneloops for durability.

These Tenergy batteries are among the least costly in our guide and represent excellent value. They performed exceptionally in numerous Wirecutter and Light and Matter tests, making them perfect for users requiring low light conditions and multiple devices needing consistent power sources.

Tenergy’s advanced no-leak design and 12-month warranty make them a smart option for those on a tight budget who require high-performance batteries. Furthermore, they’re an affordable alternative to Panasonic Eneloop batteries, which tend to cost more but offer superior performance.

Tenergy Premium Pro NiMH AAA rechargeable batteries boast 2500 mAh capacities and can be charged up to 1,200 times, meaning they pay for themselves in just ten uses. They’re an ideal choice for high-drain applications like flashlights, digital cameras, and remote sensors, as well as low-drain ones like audio devices, ceiling lights, camping lanterns, toys, etc. Furthermore, they work at temperatures from -4degF up to 122degF, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Duracell AA Batteries

Duracell is one of the top names for AA batteries, offering both alkaline and rechargeable versions. As part of Berkshire Hathaway, they also produce specialty cells and intelligent power systems. Duracell Coppertop batteries have some of the highest ratings in our CR AA battery test. They perform exceptionally in flashlight, toy, and digital camera tests, making them an ideal option for consumers using multiple AA devices like digital cameras.

AA batteries are an efficient choice of battery widely used across various devices and applications. Selecting an appropriate type can profoundly affect performance; selecting an optimal one ensures your machine continues to operate optimally and can continue functioning as intended.

Coppertop Duralock AA Alkaline batteries topped our tests of CR AA batteries, scoring first place in both flashlight and toy applications. They delivered an outstanding performance for their price and offered long battery life; their purchase in any quantity made life easy!

These batteries come in packs of 36, 48, or 100 with very competitive PHC ratings and good fan performance; however, their results in our fan test fell slightly short of those of Radioshack batteries. Still, they provide an adequate duration rating and would make excellent choices for fans.

These AA batteries are considered non-hazardous and may be safely disposed of as household waste or recycled by local regulations.

These batteries do not offer the same performance as Li-FeS2 AA batteries but are an exceptional value. Popular applications include flashlights, alarms, and EDC items like EDC (everyday carry), clocks, and radios, as well as being excellent choices for low drain devices like clocks and radios with their long shelf life of 20 years and their wide availability both locally in small blister packs as well as bulk packaging from online retailers like Medic Batteries.

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