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Best Racing Games For PC


Whether you are looking for a racing game for PC that will satisfy your needs for speed and adrenaline or you are simply looking for a great car game, there are a few things you will want to consider when choosing a racing game. The first thing you will want to consider is how much time you have available to spend playing your favorite game. You can also consider whether you want a racing game that is easy to play or one that requires a lot of skill.

Forza Motorsport 4

Despite the fact that Forza Motorsport 4 is the most popular PC racing game of all time, there are some things that it may lack. First, it doesn’t offer racing in the nighttime or rain. It also lacks the requisite weather effects. It does however offer an Autovista mode that allows you to take a look at the fine details of up to 25 cars.

Secondly, Forza Motorsport 4’s new lighting engine casts nearly perfect reflections on cars. This is particularly useful in races during dusk and dawn. Thirdly, the new damaged engine allows cars to wear down. This allows for tire changes and paint trades.

Dirt Rally 2.0

Despite its many shortcomings, Dirt Rally 2.0 is still a fantastic racing game. It’s difficult to call it one of the best, though. Dirt Rally 2.0 takes the series into new territory, introducing new mechanics and a new way of playing. It’s also one of the most difficult racing games on the market.

Dirt Rally 2.0 focuses on realistic driving physics, which simulates how a rally car behaves on a loose surface. It also includes an accurate roster of rally cars. Dirt Rally 2.0 includes cars from the 2018 FIA World Rallycross Championship.

Shift 2 Unleashed

Despite its many flaws, Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed is a fun racing game. It’s a worthy sequel to the original, with more car customization options, online features, and a single-player Career mode. If you’re new to simulation racing, Shift 2 is a great introduction. It has a lot of great features, including a well-designed AutoLog feature, which can create fierce leaderboard competition.

The game also offers plenty of customization options, including three new cars. You can upgrade your car’s cockpit, aerodynamic parts, rims, and mechanical parts to enhance your performance.


iRacing is a PC racing game that simulates the sport of NASCAR. It uses LIDAR-scanned cars and tracks. It also offers a large online community for players to join in official races and practice sessions. In addition, iRacing has partnered with premier motorsports organizations to help develop new tracks and circuits.

iRacing uses official driver telemetry data to ensure that the handling dynamics of the cars are realistic. It also has a career mode that helps players earn titles and rewards.

iRacing is a subscription-based service. It offers an affordable way to experience professional online racing. Players have access to the latest racing cars and well-researched tracks from around the world. iRacing is also used in eSports tournaments.

Need for Speed Payback

Developed by Ghost Games, Need for Speed Payback is an adrenaline-fueled action-driving fantasy. It is the 23rd entry in the long-running street racing series. It is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Windows.

Need for Speed Payback’s main story follows three protagonists, who are reunited in their quest for revenge against The House. They battle against this corrupt gambling dynasty that rules over the city’s casinos and criminals.

Payback offers more cars than the original game and features a day and night cycle. However, it lacks many notable landmarks, side quests, and police pursuits.

Project Cars 2

Compared to the many racing games out there, Project Cars 2 is one of the best. It’s a racing game, but it also includes a ton of cool stuff, such as an extensive career mode and an online tournament. Plus, the visuals are top-notch, with detailed tracks and a realistic control system.

One of the more impressive features of Project Cars 2 is its controller vibration feature. It is capable of detecting when you are bumping into another car, and it can even remove force feedback.


Developed by Bizarre Creations, Blur is an arcade-style racing video game. The game features vehicles with full damage modeling. It also features electric pulse weapon abilities, such as shock waves, defensive shields, and landmines.

The game is developed for single-player and multiplayer. It also features a career mode. The career mode is designed to provide players with a believable racing experience. In the career mode, players race in real-world locations, including the streets of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles river canals, and various parts of London. The player’s reputation depends on how well they perform in races. The player’s XP level raises as they finish races. The player can also buy upgrades with Blur Coins.