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Billboard top 10 songs: find out here and play your favourite one!

billboard top 10


If you are looking for Billboard top 10 songs then here you will come to know about all of them and it will surely help you to get the best song for you to listen to. And every single one love to entertain and pamper themselves and listening to the song is one of the best entertaining things to do. And when it comes to billboard songs then you have to know about some top songs that will help you to know better than before.

billboard top 10
billboard top 10

Some best songs on Billboard

Billboard is an American music and entertainment magazine where you can be able to get music charts, news, videos, opinions, reviews, events, and other things as well. The first issue days of this magazine was on 1st November 1894 and the founder was William Donaldson and James Hennegan. So, let’s see the top 10 songs now.

Anti Hero:

This song is sung by Taylor Swift and is one of her best and most popular songs of hers. If you already hear the song then you will surely understand what the song is but if you do not have any idea about it then just play the song once. You will surely love this one very well.

All I want for Christmas is you:

This is another best ones which you will surely want to listen to it more and more times. The lyrics of this song will surely make you feel very attached. And you can be able to relate to this song very positively. So, are you ready to set this one as the best song on your song list?

Rockin around the Christmas tree:

A song that will help you to feel good and if you feel sad then the great melody of this song will surely help you to boost your mood very positively. There are so many factors that make a song the best of all. And the quality of this song makes everything positive.


This song has the most strong lyrics and also good cords as well. And you will surely feel the connection with the song very positively. And when you listen to the emotional and heartfelt song then it will surely create long-lasting impacts on your mind and body. Just close your eyes and feel the lyrics.

Jingle bell rock:

Rhythm is one of the most entertaining parts of any song. And the rhythm of this song is just awesome and very beautiful. The best part is, you will enjoy listening to the song and start singing at the same time. This song was sung by Bobby Helms.

A holly jolly Christmas:

The singer is Burl Lves and the strong structure of this song makes it great. Simple and easy-to-sing songs are the most popular among all. And the meaning of this song will surely make you feel very joyful. So, give it a try.

Rich flex:

The reactions and emotions of this song are just great. And when you get a song where you find a story then it feels very positive. Just turn off your room’s light and play this song. You will surely feel the magic.

Bad habit:

It was sung by Steve Lacy and you will surely love the voice and the qualities of this song will surely make you feel good. You may feel like relating to this song as well.

It is the most wonderful time of the:

Do you already listen to this song before? Then you will surely understand the meaning of this song. If you ever feel alone or not so ok then this song will surely help you to get your positive mood back.

Last Christmas:

The most melodious song in this top 10 list and was sung by wham! You will surely love this one too.

billboard top 10
billboard top 10

Final thought

So, if you are a song lover then this list of beautiful songs will surely help you to listen to some mind-blowing songs. There are some other songs as well which are also very amazing and refreshing at the same time. So, start pampering yourself and enjoy every song on the list. Have a beautiful and melodious journey!