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Distributing Articles to the Internet Will The Boost Your Google Ranking


Google features a ranking system which is also known as the PR or Search engines Page Rank. It is compatible with the lookup algorithm used by Google. PUBLIC RELATIONS value is given to the sites in between 0-10 where ten means the highest page ranking. At first, a new web site is given zero PR. You should always get the 10 PR, however, practically PR ranging from 5-8 is very good in the beginning.

In this system of page ranking through Google, preference is given towards the websites who contains much more back-links on other internet sites. Your site can achieve higher Website ranking by creating more amount of links pointing towards your website.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO may be the technique to Boost Your Google Ranking in search engine results. Therefore backlink is the basis of SEO. Therefore if you want your website to achieve greater ranking in search results of Search engines, you will have to increase the number of hyperlinks pointing towards your site. As a result will increase the PR of the website, which will help you to achieve greater ranking in Google’s search results. Additionally, it is important to note that this can be worn out two ways – very first by making Reciprocal links as well as secondly by making One Way Links.

Reciprocal Links are those links that are exchanged by the two internet sites. For example, if you put hyperlinks of some other site on the website, then, in turn, a hyperlink of your website will also be positioned by the person on his web site.

The links which point to your site, which are placed on some other sites which have no link to your web site are called One Way Hyperlinks. The best way to accomplish One Way Links one the other side of the coin sites is – Article promotion. In Article Marketing, you can create articles on the product or even services offered by you such as the links to your website and then you are able to post these articles upon several web forums as well as article directories such as EzineArticles. Additionally, it is important to note that Google provides more preference to the One way backlinks.