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BBI provides an expansive selection of socket screws, nuts, washers, and other fasteners in various categories for various industries, including automotive, construction, manufacturing, and OEM applications. As North America’s largest value-driven master distributor of wholesale fastener products, its products are distributed from 20 US locations and 31 international ones – serving customers from various sectors like automotive manufacturing.

This chart shows the growth of Brighton-Best International (Taiwan) Inc over time. Financial data for this report is updated monthly, making this chart available after purchasing it.

This chart displays Brighton-Best International’s performance during the last recession as an indicator of its ability to endure difficult economic times. While revenue and earnings decreased during this time, cash flow and asset turnover improved, signaling stability. Furthermore, its debt-to-asset ratio is low, suggesting manageable debt levels.


Brighton’s Best product offerings span an impressive array of industrial components. At RC Fasteners & Components, our team will help you locate the most applicable Brighton Best products to fulfill your project needs and get them installed correctly.

Magnetic Nut Setters, Preferred Pipe Wrenches, Bolts and Drywall Screws, and Straight Shank Carbide Drill Bits (SSCDBs). Products offered for automotive, medical, aerospace, electrical, and general industrial markets.

Brighton-Best International (Taiwan) Inc specializes in distributing and supplying steel-related components and products, such as Preferred Tools, Fasteners and Drilling Screws. Brighton-Best serves customers globally.

Brighton-Best was established by industrialist, civic leader, and philanthropist Perry Rosenstein in 1925 and sold in 2008 to Taiwanese investors. Now operating out of 19 US locations and 31 worldwide warehouses with nearly 3 million square feet of fully stocked warehouse space – Brighton-Best International (BBI) is known for providing value-driven fasteners to construction, electrical, industrial, and other applications worldwide. Recent acquisitions include NJ’s EZ Sockets, Californian Dave Grattan & Sons Inc/Porteous Fastener Co, and North Carolina Porteous Fastener Co – with BBI offering new products, extensive inventory levels, and world-class customer service!


Brighton Best was established in 1925 and is a value-driven global leader in fastener distribution. Offering complete material and dimensional certifications as well as barcoding, online ordering, product development services, distribution management services, inventory management solutions, and over 3 million square feet of warehouse space, Brighton best serves customers from 19 US locations and 31 international sites with fully stocked warehouse space totaling 3 million sq feet.

1974 Stan Sevell and Perry Rosenstein purchased Cincinnati, Ohio-based Brighton Socket Mfg. Inc. to establish Brighton-Best Socket Screw Mfg. It rapidly grew into one of the leading socket screw manufacturers in America over its first 20 years, opening 12 warehouse distribution centers nationwide while expanding overseas; today Brighton-Best International has locations in 31 locations worldwide and provides over 7,000 distributors.

Brighton-Best has recently expanded rapidly through the acquisition of multiple companies such as NJ’s EZ Sockets and Southern California-based Dave Grattan & Sons Inc/Grattan Fastening Products as well as Porteous Fastener Co. Brighton-Best is part of Ta Chen International; their laboratory testing division provides inspection solutions related to tensile strength, load proofing, hardness, and socket broach depth testing solutions.

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RC Fasteners & Components is pleased to partner with Brighton Best, one of the world’s premier master distributors of industrial fasteners and components. Brighton Best’s vast range of standard and specialty items available in imperially and metric bolt sizes makes them one of the premier choices worldwide for delivering products to their customers. Located across 31 locations across six countries worldwide.

Brighton-Best was established by Perry Rosenstein and Stan Sevell in 1925 and has become an industry-leading supplier of socket screw products in the United States. By 1975, 12 warehouse distribution centers had opened across America, with four others expanding internationally (Toronto, Canada, their initial target) before four others quickly followed suit in other locations worldwide – currently having 31 sites worldwide and providing products to over 7,000 distributors.

In 2008, Brighton-Best Socket Screw Manufacturing was acquired by a consortium of investors from Taiwan led by Mr. Robert Shieh of Ta Chen International Inc. Under their auspices, Brighton-Best International, Inc (BBI) now offers new products, an expanded inventory, and world-class service and quality goods at a 24-hour online ordering web portal.

BBI continues to make strides in expanding its fastener industry footprint through several high-profile acquisitions. These acquisitions included New Jersey-based EZ Sockets in March 2015, Grattan Fastening Products from Southern California in August 2014, and Porteous Fastener Co. from 2013 – each one leading their respective markets and adding strength, diversification, and scale, which strengthened BBI’s value proposition in distribution channels.