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Choosing a Trade Show and Exhibit Booth Contractor


Exhibitors hire trade show and exhibit booth contractors to manage all or part of the exhibiting experience, including full-service contractors such as experiential agencies or exhibit houses, as well as independent contractors who focus solely on one exhibitor’s booth. Find out the best info about trade show and exhibit booth contractor in the Philippines.

Hire a contractor with exceptional customer service who puts your needs first, and request a written proposal that clearly outlines costs and timelines to avoid any unpleasant surprises.


When selecting a trade show and exhibit booth contractor, be sure they offer customization services. They should work within your brand guidelines to create a custom-designed booth that fulfills all of your needs while being responsive to questions quickly and providing excellent customer service.

Trade show booth contractors that prioritize customer service take time to understand your goals, strategy, and budget before designing a booth that meets them and helps achieve marketing goals. Involvement from all parties during this process ensures they prepare something effective at drawing in traffic and generating leads.

When selecting a trade show booth contractor, be sure to get references and read online reviews before making your selection. Furthermore, ensure they offer a comprehensive quote that includes all costs associated with designing, building, and shipping the booth, as well as excellent customer service that keeps you informed on its progress – this will help guarantee that you’re delighted with the result as well as having it ready when needed.

Creative Solutions

A professional trade show booth contractor should offer many creative solutions to attract visitors, such as using audio elements such as background music or presentations to create an immersive sensory experience for attendees. Scent can also make the booth more welcoming, while tactile experiences like product samples or hands-on demonstrations can engage attendees more fully.

Experience is everything, so creating an unforgettable booth visit for visitors is essential in building brand loyalty and increasing sales. To achieve this goal, you must understand your booth goals and how attendees perceive them.

Woodpeckers is an international creative powerhouse dedicated to crafting precious exhibition stand experiences worldwide. For 16 years, they have provided services for clients all around the globe and won 125 awards for innovative stall designs. Woodpecker services include event services, booth design/fabrication, German booths, interior design/fabrication, and metal fabrication.

Flatworks Displays is revolutionizing the tradeshow industry by offering customizable booths that set up quickly without tools and then pack down into a compact crate that serves as your kiosk, eliminating pallets and saving exhibitors vast sums in freight, drayage, warehousing, and storage costs.

Warranty and Repair Policy

Selecting a trade show and exhibit booth contractor that offers warranty and repair services is vital when searching for trade show booth solutions. When something doesn’t meet your expectations, knowing it will be repaired or replaced should it need fixing will give you peace of mind that all of their products and services are defect-free, which is vital to finding a solution that fits. When searching for quality control processes to ensure their products and services don’t contain flaws is also a plus point!

Drayage – Drayage refers to the dollar cost associated with unloading, transporting, and returning empty crates and cartons used for shipping your exhibit materials. The amount of drayage depends upon the number and size of items to be moved – usually 100 pounds each way. CWT or hundred-weight weight measurement units serve as measurements for freight.

Exhibit Booth – An individual display area created for the purpose of showcasing your product or conveying a message. Suppose your demonstration draws too many spectators that impede traffic flow and safety or crowd the aisles during protests. In that case, they will likely be asked to be confined within your booth area or stop performing the demonstration altogether.

All exhibit materials must be fireproofed to comply with national, state, and city fire department regulations. Any distribution of exhibitor literature beyond your booth space will not be tolerated and will be discarded immediately.

Exceptional Customer Service

If you want your trade show booth project to go smoothly, choose a contractor who prioritizes exceptional customer service. They will respond promptly to any of your queries and guarantee you’ll be pleased with the end product.

Your search for the ideal trade show contractor begins by seeking referrals from friends and colleagues or reading online reviews – this will enable you to narrow down the options and locate one who meets all of your criteria.

Make sure the trade show contractor you hire has experience designing and building trade show booths, as this will enable them to understand better how to create one that draws attendees’ attention to your brand message while being compliant with safety regulations. A top contractor will have an experienced team ready to manage every aspect of this project from design, fabrication, and shipping – and will have your best interests at heart!

A professional trade show booth contractor will work closely with you during all steps of the design and build process to craft an exhibit that showcases your brand. They’ll utilize their expertise to incorporate your ideas into their design plan so that the final result meets all expectations.

Attracting visitors is also essential, and quality Internet services must be available within your exhibit hall. High-speed connections will come in handy if you plan on hosting video conferences or live demos at your booth. Ask your trade show booth contractor if they provide these services and what their rate is for such services.

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