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Colleen Hoover’s Best Books


Colleen Hoover crafts gripping books that are impossible to put down, exploring emotional redemption and other topics within her novels.

Her first novel, Slammed, follows 18-year-old Layken Cohen as she transitions with her family from Texas to Michigan and meets her neighbor at a poetry slam in Michigan. It’s an engaging tale about connection and chemistry.

It Ends With Us

Hoover first came into prominence with her book Lily Bloom: One Million Ratings on Goodreads, telling the tale of 23-year-old Lily Bloom, who recently moved from Los Angeles after graduating college, falling for neurosurgeon Ryle Kincaid soon after that and yet still haunted by past trauma such as emotional abuse as a child. It tells the tale of Lily as she sets off on an adventure-filled journey toward fulfilling her dreams while healing herself emotionally from what life threw at her as an adult.

Hoover’s book will leave you reeling with raw emotions and steamy romance but also presents an emotionally complex narrative about what happens when your dreams exceed what the world can accommodate. His characters will grow on you; you will care deeply about each, and the final page will leave both saddening yet hopeful feelings at its conclusion, true to his reputation as a storyteller.

Starting here would be ideal if you’re new to Hoover’s work. It is packed with heart, chemistry, and family story elements – especially Layken and Will’s relationship, which proves Hoover can craft more than your typical boy meets girl romance! Much depth here elevates this book beyond being just another light read!

When this book first came out, it made waves in the romance genre. For one thing, it marked the first time that a woman-authored stand-alone book reached number one on the New York Times bestseller list, something almost no author could achieve within such a short time. Since then, Hoover has written many more titles, maintaining three or four on that same list simultaneously, an astounding achievement that shows her books are relatable and worth reading.

Reminders of Him

Hoover stands out from her fellow breakout authors by not being limited to any single series or genre; her books span various topics – from sexy romance to psychological thriller, covering subjects such as drug abuse, domestic violence, and loss. Even while exploring these delicate subjects, she manages to craft gripping plots that will keep readers turning pages until their next adventure arrives!

Hoover’s books fall under the new adult genre, though their plot twists tend toward women’s fiction rather than traditional romance novels. Many of her works contain mature content and should only be read by adults; however, many can still be enjoyed by young readers due to sexy scenes and shocking twists that keep the pages turning.

Colleen Hoover began her writing career earning $9 per hour as a social worker. Slammed, her debut book, was an instant hit that quickly led to sequels and stand-alone novels being published – selling over 20 million books worldwide! Today, she enjoys an enthusiastic following.

Reminders of Him, one of her signature novels, explores the intricate relationship between mother and daughter. Though considered one of her more heartbreaking books, Reminders also offers hope as Morgan Grant and Clara find each other again after experiencing tragedy.

This book emphasizes redemption and second chances. Kenna Rowan spent five years incarcerated for an act she didn’t commit and is now trying to repair her relationships with family and friends after serving time for that crime. One person she hasn’t burned bridges with is Ledger Ward of Ledger Ward Bar, as Ledger becomes her target.

This novel centers around the reunion of two childhood friends separated by time and distance. Ben and Fallon live separate lives but come back together on November 9 every year to celebrate their first meeting, creating an opportunity to reignite their feelings for one another despite knowing it may never last.

Ugly Love

This book, featuring themes of redemption and second chances, is the ideal YA novel for young adults. It follows Morgan Grant and Clara after an accident; additionally, plenty of action-packed romance scenes draw readers in. Incredibly passionate storytelling; readers will care deeply for all characters involved.

No wonder this novel by Colleen Hoover stands out among her best works; it tackles complex familial issues empathetically and effectively, making readers empathize with its characters while offering up an unforgettable romance between Kenna and Miles.

Hoover first succeeded as an author with this book, a New York Times best seller. It tells the tale of two people falling in love despite all odds; its raw emotions, relatable characters, and complex plot make for an intriguing read.

This novel in the Maybe series features enemies-to-lovers characters with plenty of chemistry and an intriguing aura, making this book a huge success with thousands of Goodreads reviewers.

It tells the tale of an ambitious heroine and an emotional artist falling head over heels in love with each other. With its dynamic plot and heart-stopping romance scenes, this book ranks one of Colleen Hoover’s best.

Hoover began her debut book in 2011 after her son was cast in a theater production. She borrowed her mother’s laptop and wrote in her free time while waiting for practice sessions and sharing chapters with family members.

No wonder this thriller by Colleen Hoover is considered her finest work; its plot offers the ideal blend of drama and erotica that keeps readers turning pages quickly. It’s also a perfect pick for anyone seeking a fast-paced read!


Verity is a nail-biting thriller with Gothic overtones that takes your breath away. This novel follows Lowen Ashleigh as he is hired by best-selling author Verity Crawford after she becomes incapacitated in an accident which leaves her unconscious. When Lowen discovers an autobiography she never intended anyone else to read, her entire narrative becomes turned on its head and unravels with devastating results.

Using multiple perspectives and symbolism, Hoover employs various strategies to craft an engaging and suspenseful tale, including character analysis and motivation analysis. By closely following Lowen, Verity, and Jeremy’s interactions with each other and their interactions between themselves, plus exploring what houses, manuscripts, and birds symbolize readers can gain a better grasp on Hoover’s tale.

Verity is an intense, dramatic story that begins with an arrestingly macabre scene. The plot resembles that of any Gothic novel: an impoverished young woman works at an isolated mansion for an appealing but mysterious gentleman; something isn’t quite right about him: perhaps there’s some horrible secret he is keeping, or maybe they don’t appear who they seem at first glance.

Hoover creates tension by unveiling more information about his characters and making readers question their beliefs and assumptions about themselves and others. His book will keep readers turning pages, leaving you wanting more at its conclusion.

Colleen Hoover is an award-winning bestselling author who understands how to craft engaging yet heartbreaking tales. Her books feature raw emotions and relatable characters with unexpected plot twists that keep readers guessing until the very last page has been read. From romantic, suspenseful novels to emotional family dramas or thrillers – Hoover offers something for every taste and mood in one of her novels – so chances are high there will be one just right for you in her list of top books, both fiction and nonfiction!