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Comparing pest control in Irvine: Top tips to consider


When you have noticed pest activity on your property in Irvine, you shouldn’t wait for things to get better. An active and full-blown infestation can go out of hand in no time, and because most insects and rodents reproduce rapidly, the situation will only worsen with time. Working with top companies can help address the problem with knowledge and expertise. If you are having trouble comparing services for pest control Irvine, here are some tips to consider.

Look at profiles

You should check the range and types of pests that a company deals with. A singular approach doesn’t work for all species, and if an exterminator offers services for varied infestations, that is an advantage. You can find information on respective websites.

Check out the reviews.

Customers post reviews and ratings on social media and independent websites, and you can use the info to shortlist local companies. You need to check whether the negative reviews are similar and if the company is willing to share references.

Ask questions

When you call a company for pest control, ask the following things on the call –

  1. How long have you been working in Irvine?
  2. What kind of pesticides, chemicals, and products do you use?
  3. How do you get rid of rodents? Do you use traps and bait?
  4. Is the company licensed? Can you show me the updated version?
  5. Do you have insurance? Are the workers insured? What is the extent of liability insurance?
  6. How do you decide on the price?
  7. Do you give a warranty on pest control?
  8. How can I contact the team if and when there is a re-infestation?
  9. Do professional bodies rate you? Are you a member of an industrial organizations?
  10. How many technicians and workers are on the payroll?

Always choose a company that answers questions and relies on green pest control means to the best extent. Effective and careful use of products can make a big difference. It would help if you also discussed the safety measures that the company would take to avoid damage to the environment and other species.

Finally, remember that pest control is not just about killing insects and rodents. The idea is to also prevent infestations from happening further. A company that takes time to educate you and offers maintenance plans is a better option than others looking for quick fixes. You should pay for preventive pest control to avoid expensive repairs and contracts.

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