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Cost Per Install Affiliate Marketing


CPI affiliate marketing is an invaluable way to generate income from your app, reaching a target audience and driving app downloads. What do you need to consider about affiliate school.

Employing a CPI mobile advertising network allows you to monitor conversion data in real time and optimize ROI.


MoboLead is a cost-per-install (CPI) network offering affiliate campaigns for iOS and Android apps. They use a cost-per-install model emphasizing accurate user acquisition instead of impressions or views, working closely with advertisers to maximize ROI.

Although other pricing models exist for mobile app marketers, CPI is usually the most efficient approach for acquiring new users. This is because CPI measures user intent and engagement within an app rather than simply counting how often an ad has been seen.

CPI ads provide mobile app marketers with a powerful way to measure the success of their campaigns in real-time, as they allow them to track performance with greater ease and determine how much each new user costs, providing more accurate estimates about advertising budget allocation.

CPI (cost per impression) is an essential metric for mobile app marketers and should be an important consideration when selecting an ad network to work with. Before commencing work with any CPI network, however, it’s crucial that you first gain an understanding of its functioning and advantages before entering any agreements or contractual arrangements with any CPI network.

CPI (cost per impression) advertising models provide marketers with an effective means of reaching specific devices, operating systems, platforms, and geos with relevant ads at particular times and locations. CPI campaigns allow advertisers to target specific devices, operating systems platforms, and geos, providing targeted ads directly to interested audiences. It gives publishers a high payout and meets campaign requirements; at the same time, CPI campaigns tend to be cheaper than banners or interstitial ads, making CPI drives an excellent way of reaching a wider audience and growing apps alike.


Affiliate marketing is economical for businesses to expand their reach and engage with new audiences. Publishers earn a commission when consumers click an affiliate link and complete a purchase. As more sales are generated, they increase their commission payout.

Start by creating an account on Webgains and uploading a logo and description of your business to help brands understand how you fit in with their audience. Once accepted onto a program, you can create affiliate links and banners for use in your content, with options to shorten them for more straightforward sharing in social media posts.

Webgains is a UK-based performance affiliate network that connects merchant advertisers with publishers worldwide to drive sales growth. Their team of specialists stands ready to support you and work hard on driving performance; additionally, they have an expansive community of high-end publishers for partnerships.

They provide an impressive suite of tools to track sales generated by affiliates accurately. Their platform supports Pay Per Sale (PPS) and Pay Per Lead (PPL) programs, so you can follow every step in a campaign from beginning to end – including seeing the value of mobile app installs compared with the cost of advertising spend.

Webgains is an ideal solution for merchants looking to expand their brand and revenue. Its scalable approach enables newer merchants to reach millions of consumers while boosting profit margins. Its features will allow you to manage programs efficiently, while the app integration feature allows you to add new programs with just a few clicks quickly!


SmashLoud, an affiliate network based out of Denver, provides tools and services for performance-based marketing. Their platform enables advertisers to promote their products using CPA/CPI/CPL models; their affiliate managers work closely with advertisers to help increase returns while simultaneously increasing sales.

SmashLoud serves over one billion daily impressions across its publisher’s sites and apps while allowing advertisers to select specific placements with specific publishers for increased targeting and return on investment. Furthermore, its seasoned affiliate managers work closely with affiliates to provide customized solutions.

CPI pricing models tend to be the most cost-effective, with calculations typically following this simple formula: Ad Spend/Total App Installs. CPI can benefit user acquisition campaigns explicitly designed for mobile apps; however, multiple factors could influence its cost. Care must be taken when considering this method, as all variables could potentially have an effect.

Cost-per-install (CPI) app rates can differ based on region, device, platform, and type. iOS applications generally tend to have higher CPI rates than their Android counterparts. App marketers should also factor in various ad formats and types when making their budget decisions.

SmashLoud stands out as an exceptional affiliate network by offering personal service and prompt payments to publishers while being one of the oldest networks available. Furthermore, their years of experience make them one of the most reliable networks available – their customer support is exceptional while their affiliate management team boasts expert knowledge in all areas of online advertising – they also have high-converting products as well as global traffic available with a minimum payout of $100 so any affiliate looking to make money can turn to SmashLoud with confidence!


Youmi (previously Adxmi) is one of the leading mobile-first networks worldwide, specializing in dating & and sweepstakes offers through carrier billing, CPI, and smart links. Their team of Account Managers is on hand to answer any queries. At the same time, their self-serve Smartlink platform enables you to select campaigns and target countries and create target ads automatically. They offer weekly payment terms (net-7), fortnightly (net-15), or monthly (30-day payments).

CPI campaigns are digital ads designed to promote mobile applications and drive installs at a cost-per-install basis, offering businesses an effective means of building audiences, particularly among mobile users. While payout models vary between CPM campaigns and CPI ads, payouts generally tend to be higher with CPI advertising than with CPM or other forms of mobile adware.

Regarding mobile app ROI, knowing your cost per install is essential for accurate projections of your app’s financial performance. Knowing this figure allows you to determine how much advertising spend should go toward ads to achieve maximum installs; to find it out, you can divide ad spend by new installs received as an indicator of cost per install.

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The TradeTracker platform provides various features and tools designed to monitor, optimize, and streamline affiliate program activities efficiently, from reliable conversion tracking through intuitive dashboards and transparent reporting to automatic payment processing. TradeTracker supports various ad formats that enable tracking campaign performance with clicks/generated sales metrics; reverse geo-targeting or link cloaking, also allows the identification of any users restricting ad displays through reverse geo-targeting/link cloaking is another feature available on TradeTracker platform.

CPI (cost per install, or CPI for short) is an essential metric for app advertisers and developers, as it helps them estimate how much it costs to acquire new users and calculate the lifetime value of users so they can price their app accordingly. But remember that CPI rates may differ based on country, device type, or ad network – it’s always wise to research before setting any CPI rates!

Affiliate marketers can leverage the TradeTracker platform to market their products across various channels – search engines, social media, and email. This type of promotion can be highly cost-effective while helping build customer loyalty – an ideal way to boost sales while strengthening online reputation.

Before promoting your products on the TradeTracker affiliate network, you must submit an accurate product feed with all the pertinent data. Furthermore, ensure your feed is updated as soon as necessary so as not to reduce the effectiveness of marketing efforts and identify any missing orders or measure the effectiveness of campaigns. TradeTracker allows the uploading of redirect pages and conversion code, allowing accurate measurement.

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