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CTproz Review – Trading Accounts Catering to All Types of Traders


Just like you do with a job, you must look at the possibility of growth when you become a trader. You can’t just make your decision based on a few short-term benefits. You must look for a platform that offers you a path to growth as a trader. Such a broker will stay with you long and turn you into a professional trader from a beginner. I know about such a platform and have discussed it in this CTproz review.

This broker has done a great job of offering multiple account types, and each account has different features and signup requirements. Are these accounts suitable for different types of traders? Let’s know in this review.

5 Accounts with Different Deposits

So, the first difference between these accounts is the signup amount required from every trader. You must remember that every trading account requires you to deposit an amount in it before you can use it. In this case, you have five account types: Student, Standard, Investor, VIP, and VIP Platinum. Each account type, as you can tell from the name, caters to a different kind of trader. For that reason, each account has an additional signup cost associated with it too. If you go with the Student account, you will be depositing an amount of $250 before you can start trading.

The Standard account requires an initial deposit of $5000, the Investor 10,000, and so on. This sends you a clear signal that each account is supposed to be for different types of traders based on the budget each trader has set for trading.

Leverages and Account Managers

Two more features set each account apart from the others. So, if you look at the Student account, CTproz has offered you minimal leverage. However, the small influence is very clever and intelligent. When starting as a trader, you will be tempted to use your powers to make huge profits. However, you might make huge losses since you need to be fully aware of the trading dynamics. So, frugal leverage makes sense. However, you will be glad to know that by the time you reach the last account on the list, your pulls can be as high as x5.

Furthermore, you will see another fantastic feature that comes with each account. The Student trading account offers you a personal account manager, which is quite generous because this feature is usually offered to premium users by most brokers. After each performance, this account manager becomes a more advanced professional. So, by the time you reach the VIP Platinum account, you will have a chief account analyst in your reach. The more you stay on this platform, the better things become for you.

Trading Signals and Education

Another thing that gets better with each account is the trading signals you will get. Firstly, let me tell you that you will not get any trading signals with the basic trading accounts. You only get them when you enter the realm of an advanced trading account. What do these signals do? They give you a basic idea of what you should buy and sell. In addition to that, you will also start getting more advanced trading education with each account. You can upgrade from only two education sessions to having access to all of the educational resources available from CTproz.

Final Thoughts

This is how online brokers should create their account types for traders. Rather than offering them significant leverages right from the start, they should tweak each trading feature according to the trader that will pick that account. I think CTproz has done that well and if you sign up with this broker, you will surely benefit from its clever thinking in favor of traders.

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