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Darwinex scam: Read our In Depth Darwinex Review!

Darwinex scam


In this article we will discuss the darwinex scam. Darwinex, a copier established in 2012, has a lot to offer in terms of data, including affordable trading fees and a safe trading environment that is closely controlled by the FCA.

  The main strengths of Darwinex are: 

  •  Convenient minimum deposit of $500 
  •  There isn’t any Dealing Desk execution model.
  •  Insurance up to $500,000 
  •  Very low transaction costs 

Darwinex gives you the option to test out their service before moving to real trading, just like the majority of the top brokers in the sector. They offer an unlimited demo account where you can access all the features of the broker without risk.

What is Darwinex?

Founded in 2012 as a generation provider, the Tradeslide Trading Tech.  years later began out its operation as an FCA regulated dealer below the name – Darwinex, at the same time as headquarters in London, as properly with a advanced workplace in Spain.  Being a reputable trading supplier, the organisation currently works with investors and traders from over 100 nations.

The broker is a pooling member of an exchange that connects the parties and offers the chance for traders and investors to swap while offering the regulatory protection of a 20% success fee. Darwinex performs proprietary investments, allowing them to score and manage own funds for six months, along with transparent and fair trading conditions through professional risk control.

darwinex scam
darwinex scam


Virtual Portfolio, also referred to as a Demo Account

API Trading

Social Trading available

Copy Trading available


Trailing Stops

TakeProfit Orders

Darwinex offers Advanced Financial Chart comparison tools

Darwinex gives Research-subsidised evaluation on monetary markets and investments from pinnacle analysts

You can use the Darwinex platform online and through a web browser on a variety of devices, including Android-powered devices. Darwinex provides a user-friendly trading environment with resources for both novice and experienced traders. Darwinex customers gain from the use of the Darwinex platform in over four specific languages

What you should know:

Darwinex offers three ways to trade: Forex, Spread Betting, Social Trading. The funds and products available to you on the Darwinex trading platform depend on the region of the world you are in and the Darwinex entity where you have an account. With Darwinex, you  need a minimum deposit of $500. You can register a demo account to familiarize yourself with the Darwinex platform.  Darwinex hosts traders of all levels, whether you are an expert or a beginner.

Darwinex Pros and Cons:

Darwinex is a reputable broker with solid regulation, a good trading platform and a wide assortment of trading tools, quick execution, and technology solutions. The disadvantage is that beginners do not need extensive training, there is no 24/7 support. Furthermore, only Forex and CFDs are traded in the market area. 


 Limited training resources regulated by the FCA 

  24/7 support for high initial deposit 

  A wide range of instruments 

  Low edges 

  Negative balance protection 

 Compensation system 


 Limited educational resources 

  High down payment

Is Darwinex Safe? 

Trading with Darwinex is safe. The UK Financial Conduct Authority has authorised and overseen it. The FCA is a reputable regulator. This ensures that the intermediary performs well and meets its operational objectives, such as ensuring adequate customer protection, protecting and enhancing the integrity of the UK financial system and more.

darwinex scam
darwinex scam

The FCA, which regulates the activities of the broker, means that he must regularly review the solvency and internal procedures according to which the money and information of clients are handled. The broker also has MiFID passports to provide its services to EU countries. The broker holds client funds in a segregated account with a UK-level bank. In addition to the standard FSCS cover of £85,000, the broker has additional insurance for its clients. Customers are also protected against insolvency with Lloyds’ excess of up to £1 million. The broker pays all additional insurance costs.

Final Thought:

From what I have read so far, it is safe to say that the platform might be difficult for someone who is just starting out in trading, though this situation is improved by the broker’s availability of Darwinex research. The education and research content could potentially be hard for novices. Beginners may need assistance finding their way around the platform, but this is not meant to imply that they cannot trade here. The broker is secure, subject to tier-1 financial regulation, and has a variety of assets. They are appealing to both professional and retail traders since traders can invest in tested trading systems.