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eSudo Review – Managed IT Services For Small Businesses


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Product Description

Sensory was in search of an affordable, quality, and user-friendly managed IT services partner as they expanded to larger offices. To keep their systems operational while protecting data securely.

Matthew and his team at eSudo have been an invaluable help, providing us with deep expertise in both cyber security and human/technological perspectives. We highly recommend them!

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An assessment conducted by eSudo revealed that this Firm faced numerous issues with its technology infrastructure, including inadequate bandwidth and storage space, which led to poor performance and slow response time. Furthermore, old hardware/software no longer supported by manufacturers caused constant system crashes and downtime – an outcome of poor IT management that led to frequent system downtime and system crashes.

eSudo recommended a comprehensive network upgrade and migration to a Cloud solution designed for today’s mobile workforce, which enabled the Firm to secure its data, reduce overhead costs, increase productivity, and boost efficiency while mitigating threats such as cyber-attacks. Ultimately, this resulted in significant gains in operational productivity as well as improved client services.


Matthew and his team at eSudo offer invaluable managed IT services for small businesses, offering Computer Support, IT Security, and Cybersecurity services that keep companies running smoothly while protecting them against data breaches and cyberattacks. They’re cost-effective managed IT services that prevent downtime while improving operations. They also assist businesses in recovering quickly after incidents or attacks – they’ve helped hundreds of small companies get back up and running themselves quickly!


Today’s dynamic business environment demands businesses be resilient against threats on an unprecedented scale. Security must, therefore, be an ongoing, proactive effort, requiring constant monitoring and support – which is where eSudo comes in: Matthew and his team focus first and foremost on security for small businesses; IT support comes as part of their security services offering.

Cloud services solutions from them have enabled our Firm to save overhead costs, increase productivity, and enhance collaboration. They consistently offer outstanding service that is prompt in responding to any requests made of them; we highly recommend them!

eSudo is your go-to partner when it comes to migrating to Office 365 and implementing Azure AD with Intune MDM. They work closely with IT departments to determine their requirements before designing the scope of work for the migration project, which will include signup and initial configuration processes, as well as mail migration. eSudo even provides turnkey implementation, including mail migration with no details left out – they will even configure PC Outlook email clients, mobile devices, and AutoPilot processes in order to streamline setup and deployment processes and save you time during setup/deployment processes!

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