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Fastest way to empty your basement and earn money by doing so


Summer konzole has ended and everyone now is collecting all of their stuff and putting them in their basement. Maybe you will put away your summer clothes or furniture and while doing that process you might find old stuff that you have paid too much to throw away. Well, we are going to help you organize your basement and empty it of things that you don’t really need anymore, and also help you win some of your money back.

Devote one day entirely to your basement

You’ll need kućni ljubimci a free day that you can devote entirely to your basement. First, remove everything that isn’t plugged in or pinned down. You’ll either move your belongings into your living room or outside to go through everything, depending on the state of your basement.

Make decisions odeća

Secondly, you will need to decide what you want to keep and what needs to be thrown away. Keep in mind that people tend to be connected emotionally with their belongings and that is when they end up with a basement full of stuff they don’t need. If you don’t want to be one of them, try to be as rational as you can.


If you want to recycle you can give them out to your friend and family, but if you think that they are in a good shape you can try to sell your old stuff, and this way you will make some money. There are a few ways you can do that. One possible way is to sell your stuff to a second-hand store, you can sell them easily and negotiate about the price. Warning: most likely you are not going to like the price. These kinds of stores tend to give you low prices in order for them to win more. If you don’t like that, maybe going to this kind of store is not for you.

Sell what you do not need

The last suggestion that we have and we think it is the best. To sell your old stuff on websites dedicated to new or second-hand items. You can just open an account, and make some pictures of the items that you want to put on sale. Upload the photos on the website and prepare to start getting offers. If you are lucky enough you might find a website good enough to help you with the transportation and delivery of the product. By doing this you will sell your old items at the desired price. You will also get the bonus benefit to empty your basement quickly.

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