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Fidget Toys TradingPop It 3D – August’s Most Downloaded Casual Game


Fidget trading has quickly become an international phenomenon, with enthusiasts coming together online to swap toys. Freeplay studio’s relaxing casual title Fidget Toys TradingPop It 3D, was recognized as August’s top downloaded game on the AppMagic platform.

Trade with over 200 unique fidget toys in this relaxing game! Collect the most valuable pop-its and build up your trading techniques to defraud your opponents or conduct honest transactions.


Trade with opponents to unlock new toys in this relaxing trading game! Perfect for relieving stress and providing an enjoyable distraction, it features many cool 3D fidget toys like pop-its, simple dimples, spinners, squishies, and more – make a profit on every trade, expand your inventory, and become a trading master!

The gameplay is straightforward – throw your fidgets on the table and see what offers come your way from your opponent. Once a bid has been agreed upon, press the tick button to complete the trade or reject it if not. Feeling brave? Ask for more toys from them too.

Trading games have seen an explosive surge in hyper-casual gaming, providing an engaging and captivating new way for users to interact. Implementing this mechanic into your game can help distinguish it from its competition while improving metrics and retention rates. Various approaches are available for incorporating it into a game; many developers have already embraced it!

This free-to-play trading game boasts 3D graphics and an intuitive user interface. Play it on any of your phones, tablets, or laptops without internet requirements – plus use just one hand – your thumb to control camera movement around objects and zoom in on details!

Play this addicting trading game with your friends and family for hours of enjoyable socializing and stress relief! Easy to learn, fun to play, and provides an opportunity to practice negotiation skills – it’s the perfect way to improve negotiation skills while relieving tension from stressful work days or socializing with new people! Ads may appear but can easily be removed with in-game currency purchases.


Are You Searching for the Perfect Fidget Toys? When selecting an effective fidget toy, be sure to find something quiet without clicking or rattling; parts and materials such as silicone (soft and flexible), metal (durable and heavy), and wood (lightweight and eco-friendly) should all be taken into consideration when searching. Additionally, pick something that fits well in your hands – some prefer rings or bracelets, while others opt for fidget cubes or spinners.

Fidget toys designed for anxiety relief should be used discreetly and quietly without creating much noise. A popular option is a squishy finger ring, which can be worn around your neck or wrist without drawing too much attention to itself. Other discreet fidgeting toys include fidget cubes, sensory rings, and Rubik’s cubes.

Fidget spinners may not be proven scientifically as an ADHD treatment solution, but they’re certainly an excellent way to keep hands busy and relieve tension. You can find them at many major retailers for an affordable price, and some even come in various colors so you can match your mood when selecting one!

Fidgeting toys have never been so much fun! From pop-it iPhone cases and tote bags to gaming fidget spinners that attach directly onto backpacks and keyboard fidgets that let you practice typing without a screen, something is entertaining here for every fidgeter!


Fidget trading games provide both anxiety relief and fun gameplay. You can enjoy them at home or while on the move – even with children! They provide excellent stress relief and practicing motor skills while giving plenty of challenging yet rewarding playback!

This game includes many levels, each one with its task to be accomplished. Some require tapping, while others involve pressing in specific patterns or orders – be sure to read instructions carefully and complete them for the best experience! Doing this will make getting through each level much simpler!

This 3D fidget toy trading game is an ideal way to ease stress. Featuring soothing ASMR triggers and an abundance of toys to collect, this game provides something for every type of trader or ASMR enthusiast! From pop it trades to elaborate ASMR experiences – there’s something here for all!


Fidget Trading is an engaging and relaxing game to help you unwind after a busy day. Easy to play and guaranteed to keep you engaged for hours – throw your toys onto the table, see what offers are made by opponents, then select the optimal strategy to trade with them.

Fidget Trading’s gameplay is similar to other Roblox games but with an added layer of excitement and challenge. Players can collect anti-stress Pop-Its and other fidget toys while earning rewards as they progress through the game – these rewards can then be used to unlock items or characters or compete against other users for some great prizes! Plus, there are always leaderboards and competitions where users compete against one another to win incredible prizes!

At Pop It! You can earn rewards for your efforts in the form of particular Pop It toys which can be traded and sold between players, as well as unlocking props, skins, weapons, and skills for your character. Moreover, an advertising-free version of the game lets you experience complete gameplay without intrusive advertisements interrupting you.

This game offers an innovative trading system that enables you to purchase and sell almost any item. Furthermore, you can exchange them for money to spend on more toys – effectively building up a personal wealth empire in no time! In addition, you can develop your trading strategy while reading your opponent’s psychology to make profitable trades, thus avoiding scams and becoming a master trader!


Fidget Trading 3D is an exciting and engaging game designed to test your negotiation skills. Fidget Trading 3D is available on Android and iOS devices and boasts an assortment of toys to collect and trade. It lets you customize your avatar while dealing with other players to build up an impressive collection of toys you can enjoy for hours!

Fidget Toys Trading is an incredible way to hone your negotiation skills while competing against players worldwide. The gameplay in this massively competitive game is deceptively straightforward: just three options exist for choosing whether you want more, accept or decline offers, and quickly become a master trader in no time.

Fidget Toys Trading features exciting gameplay and provides multiple levels and unique toys to collect. Furthermore, this game offers a complete simulation of the business industry so that you can make your fortune. However, remember there are no guarantees in this game and that opponents may try to exploit your weaknesses.

Mod apks of fidget trading apps make it easy to unlock all toys and features more quickly by eliminating restrictions in the original app and making playing fun without spending money or watching ads. They’re compatible with both iOS and Android devices for maximum flexibility when it comes to gaming wherever you may be; just be sure you download from reputable sources to avoid viruses or malware on your device; plus, be wary when downloading mods as they could violate terms of service of original game titles.