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Fitband Reviews – How to Track Your Fitness, Sleep, and Menstrual Cycle


Whether you are looking for a fitness band to monitor your heart rate, track your sleep, or track your menstrual cycle, there are a wide variety of options available on the market. The main concern, however, is whether the band can accurately and reliably track these functions. There are a number of factors to consider, including battery life, Daily Readiness Score (DRS), and heart rate monitoring.

Heart-rate monitoring

Using a heart rate monitor is a great way to track your fitness. It can help you monitor your calories burned, the number of steps you take, and the length of your stride. It can also help you fine-tune your training plan.

While it is a good idea to use a heart rate monitor while exercising, it is also important to understand the accuracy of your device. Studies have shown that the accuracy of a heart rate monitor can vary greatly, depending on the device and the type of exercise you perform.

The accuracy of optical heart rate monitors depends on how tightly you wear them. This can affect the readings, especially during long rides or rides in warm weather.

An important part of heart health awareness is catching an irregular heart rate early to prevent cardiac events in the future. A heart rate monitor can help you do this by ensuring you stay in your target heart rate zone.

Sleep tracking

Using a sleep tracking device can provide valuable information about your sleep habits. However, you should take the data with a grain of salt. If you are concerned about your sleep, consult with a health care professional.

In general, most devices measure heart rate, movement, and sleep stages. The more sophisticated devices provide more detail. Some even include activities and sleep monitoring in one unit.

A Fitbit tracker offers the best data on the subject. The company has been helping users track their sleep for more than a decade. The company recently introduced Sleep Stages on Charge 2, Blaze, and Alta HR. These features allow users to get information normally only found in expensive sleep studies.

The Fitbit Charge 2 also measured the probability of transitioning from one sleep stage to another. However, it underestimated the likelihood of a transition from light to deep sleep and overestimated the probability of REM sleep.

Menstrual cycle tracking

Using the Fitbit app, you can track your female health and menstrual cycle. The app also shows you how your period affects your weight, food intake and other indicators of your health.

Fitbit’s Menstrual Health feature tracks your cycle and sends you reminders about your upcoming period. This includes your predicted ovulation date, a blue bar that shows your ovulating window and a “Fitbit Today” tile that displays reminders of your menstrual cycle.

The app also features a “Cycle Tracking” function, which lets you manually enter your cycle history data. It also allows you to export your cycle history to a PDF, so you can share your data with your doctor.

Another cool feature is the “Period Notification”, which can notify you when your period is about to start or end. It also has a “Cycle Deviations” feature, which can alert you to any possible deviations from your cycle.

Daily Readiness Score

Using your Fitbit data, the Daily Readiness Score is a tool designed to help you determine how to best exercise and recover. It takes into account the amount of sleep you get, your activity levels, and your heart rate variability. It uses a sophisticated algorithm to analyze your current body’s performance and suggest how to best workout.

You can see the Daily Readiness Score on your Fitbit app by tapping on the Today tab. This score will be displayed next to your calorie burned goal. If you are a Premium user, you will be able to view the score on other Fitbit devices.

Your score will show up each morning. On days with low scores, you may be advised to rest more. On days with high scores, you may be urged to push harder.

Battery life

Depending on which Fitbit you choose, the battery life of your best friend can vary from one day to seven days. The best thing to do is plan ahead. One of the more mundane tasks is securing the latest firmware update, which should be done in the same room as your booze. The best part is if you are a nerd and a night owl, you won’t have to wait for the sleepy to finish your business dinner. After all, your mate is probably at his favorite night spot. Moreover, if your mate is a teetotaler, you won’t have to worry about a slamming hangover. Likewise, if your mate is a morning person, you won’t have to worry about getting up to speed on the latest tech.