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Forexboat Review – What You Need to Know About the Forexboat Trading Academy


The Forexboat review article is one of the many reviews that have been written about this type of software. Traders use this type of software to help them get a good grip on trading the currency markets. In addition, it allows users to monitor their positions and easily adjust if necessary, offered

Courses offered

The Forexboat Trading Academy offers a bevy of courses. Most of them are about Forex trading, but there are also a few courses about algorithmic trading and money management. There’s one that even includes a VPS for your FX trading needs. These courses are not cheap. But the experience is worth it, especially for those looking to break into the lucrative world of online FX trading.

The Forexboat Trading Academy does have the audacious claim of offering the cheapest course in the country, but the price tag doesn’t come with a free buffet. It’s also worth noting that the company is not registered with US regulators, despite its location in Australia. However, it is licensed by HLK Group Pty Ltd, a regulated Australian financial services firm. That said, the company doesn’t do a lousy job promoting itself, and it appears to be an upstart company trying to keep its head above water.

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Overall score

The Forexboat Trading Academy provides trading education for traders with courses in forex VPS, MT4, algorithmic trading, money management, and forex robots. However, it’s unclear how it is licensed to offer these services. According to its website, the company is affiliated with HLK Group Pty Ltd, a managed account provider. However, it also states that it’s not registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission or the National Futures Association. This is concerning because these regulators require that brokers be regulated before offering training.

The Forexboat Trading Academy also fails to state how much the entire course costs. The fee is listed as $29, but it’s unclear whether that’s for the whole or partial course. If the company wants to charge an additional cost, you will need to know precisely what that’s for.

In addition, the company offers a social promotion for its traders. A few companies hold social promotions for their traders, but it’s essential to check out any promotional offer’s specifics before signing up.