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Gboard App : Give Gboard A Try Instead Of Your Smartphone Keyboard

gboard app


Utilising the Gboard app with its  great level of customisation is one of its most fascinating features. Gboard seems a bit dull from the outside. It doesn’t seem to stand out much from the hundreds of other keyboard apps available on the Play Store. You can uncover many intriguing things that are useful if you take the time to look around. We’ve compiled a few capabilities of Gboard that you probably weren’t aware of.

gboard app
gboard app

Why Gboard Should Be Used?

Gboard is a good option to try out if you haven’t previously. Unquestionably one of the best keyboard apps for Android is the Google-made app. You would not only have access to a big list of helpful functions, but you would also be protected from a wide range of security and privacy risks related to third-party keyboards.

Decide on the Text Easier With Trackpad mode.

On touchscreens, selecting text can be a little difficult. Simply said, your cursor control is erratic. This is made simpler, at least in text boxes, by a feature of Gboard. By using the space bar to swipe left or right, you can move the pointer.

Quickly reach the alternate keyboard

The 123 button is typically used to switch to the numeric keyboard when you want to type a commonly used punctuation mark, such as an exclamation or question mark. Simply touching and holding the period button on Gboard will give you access to these punctuation marks as well as other special characters.

Right Keyboard Translation

A version of Google Translate designed specifically for Gboard includes a live translating feature. It translates words and phrases as you type between more than 90 different languages. Use Gboard’s voice input to speak, and the feature will convert your words into text in the language of your choice.

Establish Text Expansion Shortcuts

You may accomplish this with the aid of the text expansion tool in Gboard. Therefore, you can use a few characters to summon them into your text box rather than inputting typical words like your email address or house address.

One-Handed Mode of Typing

Gboard features a one-handed mode option to help you if you’re having problems reaching the opposite edge of the screen when using one hand to type. The size of your Gboard will decrease, and it will be docked to the left or right side of your screen. If you prefer to type with one hand, tap the arrow button that appears next to the typing area to make Gboard dock on the opposite side of your screen.

Themes to Customise the Keyboard

The keyboard app Gboard may not be the most glitzy, but if you know where to go, you can discover a tonne of fun themes and customizations to make it look its best. Your selected theme can be made up of solid colours, gradients, or pictures of landscapes. You can design your own if none of the preexisting alternatives appeal to you.

Delete a few Auto-Suggested Words

Your auto-suggested terms may occasionally contain incorrectly spelt or offensive language. When an auto-suggested word appears, long-press on it and drag it up toward the delete icon that appears on the screen to remove it and make sure it doesn’t appear as a suggestion again.

Easily navigate through documents

One of the difficulties you’ll face if you frequently write or modify documents on your smartphone is the tiresome text selection and navigation process. Thankfully, the Google team has a solution to make things easier. Alphanumeric keys are swapped out for navigation and text-editing keys in Gboard’s Text Editing mode.

Anywhere on the screen, move the keyboard

You can have the entire Gboard interface float to wherever you wish on your screen if, for any reason, you don’t like where your Gboard keys are placed by default.

gboard app
gboard app

Use unique Bitmoji

The Bitmoji function in Gboard might be what you need if you’ve ever wanted to use emoticons that resemble you. If you’ve previously configured your Bitmoji, Gboard’s connection with Bitmoji enables you to utilise it directly from the keyboard.


Gboard is a feature-rich keyboard app with a straightforward appearance. The Gboard team does an excellent job of releasing new features on a regular basis. Always be on the lookout for new features if you want to utilise every beneficial function an app has to offer.

You’ll need to look closely to discover new features to try because Google doesn’t frequently publicise new feature additions. Gboard offers a wealth of other features.