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Get the latest updates from Indonesia. A Queensland man accused of an alcohol-fuelled assault in Bali has reached an amicable solution with his victim. Find out the best info about Berita Indonesia.

Indonesian authorities are considering issuing Australian tourists a pocket card to ensure they respect local rules and customs.

Southeast Asian leaders arriving for an annual summit are met by a beautiful setting — two-story waterfalls, birds singing their hearts out, and blooming orchids lined up as they enter Indonesia for their meetings.


Republika Srpska’s government is facing dire financial straits. Public sector salaries were paid several days late, and it needs to pay back over EUR 500 million borrowed from various financial institutions by December. Tax collection has fallen dramatically, and there is now an almost EUR 1.5 billion deficit within Republika Srpska’s borders.

The country’s economy is slowing down, making meeting EU integration requirements increasingly challenging, including visa-free status requirements. As such, European leaders have warned them not to grant such status without first undertaking significant reform measures.

Indonesian prosecutors are investigating a multimillion-dollar bribery scandal allegedly taking place withinoccurringworld’s biggest palm oil producers, Indonesia. Their focus is corruption between business players and local officials in Riau province – considered the center of Indonesia’s palm oil industry.

Indonesia’s economy, already benefitting from the global commodities boom, is threatened by an influx of migrants who have raised social and security issues and been accused of engaging in illegal activities. To counteract this threat, measures are being introduced, such as creating special zones for them.

At present, there are some positive signs. GDP growth in Kazakhstan is projected to reach 4.7% this year thanks to solid performance by mining and manufacturing sectors; however, its economy will remain vulnerable to external shocks.

Business leaders have welcomed the government’s decision to end its repressive ban on foreign workers with open arms. Doing so will stimulate employment growth while helping Indonesia compete more successfully for foreign investment, spur domestic consumption, produce consumer goods and services, and increase exports. Furthermore, lifting this restriction will increase Indonesia’s competitiveness on global markets by permitting the importation of raw materials at cheaper costs, increasing employment, stimulating domestic demand and production for consumer goods and services production, and stimulating consumption demand as a result of higher domestic consumption levels within Indonesia itself and stimulating domestic demand at home as well.

Berita Satu

BeritaSatu news channel broadcasts various programming, spanning current affairs to sports and international news. Available globally – including in the US – the track serves as an invaluable resource for Indonesians living abroad, and its online version is regularly updated with breaking news updates via its Twitter account.

Berita Satu Media Group was established in 1998 and is headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. It offers multiple channels, such as beritaSatu TV, beritaSatu News, and beritaSatu World; its website features news about politics, economics, culture, and society within Indonesia, and mobile applications that feature them all.

Apart from providing news and analysis about Indonesia’s economy, this company also offers an expansive online directory of companies operating within its borders. Their database of over 3M companies allows users to locate businesses and contact details quickly. Their free subscription service gives access to various data about business operations such as revenue, earnings, and market share.

Indonesia has increased security measures in Jakarta following an attack by a gunwoman wearing a niqab, an Islamic veil covering the hair and the lower half of her face, which opened fire at police officers near the presidential palace on Tuesday. She was reported armed with an FN pistol. She pointed it directly at them before eventually being detained by officers – though she did not target President Joko Widodo, who wasn’t at his palace then.


Kompas newspaper is widely read across Indonesia, providing coverage of news on politics, business, sports, lifestyle, and more. The newspaper began publishing in Indonesia on June 28, 1965, under PT Kompas Media Nusantara of Gramedia Group Publishing company; one of its primary competitors is Media Indonesia’s Koran Tempo and Suara Merdeka papers.

Businesses widely utilize Kompas despite not being free and boasting an exceptional track record and reputation with its many impressive features that appeal to businesses of all sizes and sectors, from retail to public transport. Plus, their customer support service has a sterling track record.

Dimedis provides this software solution as an ideal digital signage solution, offering features like interactive content scheduling, real-time updates, and diverse platform support for digital signs. Furthermore, this system includes customer search inquiries. Furthermore, Dimedis offers flexible deployment options ranging from cloud to on-premises, with many of their customers being mid and large-sized companies who recommend their product.

Indonesian newspapers are essential in informing their audiences about local and national news, from politics, economy, social issues, and culture to providing opinions and insight on various subjects.

Indonesian newspapers also provide updated news via online versions that offer videos, blogs, and other forms of multimedia – an option particularly helpful for Indonesians living overseas or those who do not have enough time to read printed newspapers.

Indonesian newspapers feature not only main news articles but also features on education, health, sports, and entertainment, as well as interviews with politicians, celebrities, and public figures. Furthermore, Indonesia’s government has established other news agencies dedicated to reporting events across Indonesia – known as lokal rasu (local reportage).


Indonesia is an exceptionally connected nation, boasting nearly 171 million internet users – the third-highest population worldwide – and fourth-highest mobile cellular subscription penetration. This has led to new media consumption, such as mobile television and movie viewing apps, online and mobile television, sludgy video game downloads, and social networking platforms. Not everyone, however, had taken note of these developments: three years ago, researcher Helani Galpaya noticed an exciting occurrence where respondents would deny using the internet; yet when she talked with them in focus groups, they would get very enthusiastically excited about Facebook compared with saying no such claims when she interviewed them via survey questionnaire.

As Indonesia prepares to hold presidential elections in 2024, Communications Minister Rudiantara expresses concerns that domestic and foreign forces could attempt to influence votes by gathering personal data through social media platforms like Facebook. If evidence indicates such misuse occurs, the the government will take appropriate actions against social networks.

After numerous tourists ran foul of local regulations and were prosecuted for breaking them, officials are exploring new strategies to ensure travelers adhere to national laws and policies. One proposal involves setting up special courts to prosecute those who violate these rules.

Dutch museums are returning hundreds of cultural artifacts taken, often forcefully, from Indonesia and Sri Lanka during colonialism to their original owners in Indonesia and Sri Lanka. This move marks an important step in global efforts to return seized at home.

An earthquake has struck Indonesia’s easternmost province, yet no severe damage or casualties have been reported. It occurred around 11 a.m. local time and was centered off Batu Karamungan.

A Perth man has been arrested in Bali on charges of assaulting an Indonesian woman he met through a dating app, the latest incident involving Australian tourists breaking local protocols has prompted calls for tighter controls against tourists’ misbehavior.

Indonesia’s Central Sulawesi region has seen doctors put into practice training they received thanks to a UN program.

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