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Global CTB Review: Your Potential Future Broker


International trade markets were surprised by the advent of cryptocurrencies. Crypto trading was hiding an element of surprise for traditional traders who have now realized that crypto is the most lucrative trading out there. While the trading market continues to add more and more trading instruments yet none can come even close to crypto and its high rewards. Because of crypto even gold traders have pulled out their investments and used the money for crypto trading. For doing trading in crypto a trader is hence in need of a genuine broker.

Continue reading this Global CTB Review if you want to trade in today’s gold i.e. cryptocurrencies.

Legal Standing of Global CTB

Finding a legally registered broker engaged in a licensed trading business is extra-ordinary difficult and is like finding a needle in a haystack. But you should put aside your worries because Global CTB is the one legally registered broker whose trading activity is fully licensed. In fact, because of its business spreading over the entire world, Global CTB is one of the kind broker having multiple licenses. So in the situation, if the broker becomes bankrupt at least your money is safe with Global CTB and the broker is liable to refund. This is the major plus point of carrying out trading activities with Global CTB.

You can entrust your money with Global CTB without any fear of onward investing into forex, CFDs, or cryptocurrencies.

What is the Process of Registration?

Although Global CTB is a governed entity and is very much the same as a conventional trading exchange, it offers some significant benefits. First of all the platform does not demand anyone provide unnecessary information which is really annoying. Instead, if you can prove your identity and let them know of your bank account details, you are subsequently eligible for trading with them. But you need to have funds with you that you would need to invest whenever you wish to trade. These funds a trader can transfer in his account which he chooses from Global CTB.

What Kind of Accounts Being Offered?

Accounts are needed for a number of reasons. It is not an account that is similar to any usual bank account. Instead, the purpose of this account is manifold. Apart from receiving and sending funds, the account gives traders access to all the research assistance and trading tools of Global CTB. In addition, some great benefits to are kept into account for the use by the trader such as leverage, bonuses, concessions, etc. You have plenty of options in terms of trading accounts because there are six accounts of Global CTB so far. The names of the accounts of Global CTB are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and VIP.

What About the Fee and Charges?

When you are trading of course there are some dues that Global CTB keeps as its fee. But normally, Global CTB’s fee is not high and instead is very low. In fact, most of the fees are taken at the time of withdrawal and/or deposit of funds. The fees are actually taken by intermediary banks which charge the fee for their services of receiving or transferring the funds. Similarly, there are fees that are imposed at the time of execution of trade transactions. Here the main fee of Global CTB is charged but again it is less than what other platforms are charging normally.

What A Trader is Getting In Return?

Fees and charges are all part of trading and every trader is fully complacent with them. He only bothers about what he would be getting in return for the charges he is paying. With Global CTB perhaps a trader is getting more than what he had actually bargained for. Firstly, he is getting a trading platform that never sleeps and is live 24/7 without taking a break. Secondly, Global CTB has designed state-of-the-art trading tools and the trader is getting unlimited access and usage rights of these tools. Thirdly, a trader is getting an investment partner who is willing to invest side by side with the trader under the leverage program. Fourthly, the trader is getting a promise of the safety of his funds and information ensured by unbreakable security protocols.


These are a couple of things that a trader must look into prior to acquiring the services of a potential broker. But certainly, Global CTB is fully meeting the criteria as it has answers to all of the most pertinent questions concerning online trading.

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