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Hardscape Companies Near Me in Sunnyvale


Sunnyvale residents with busy lifestyles and Mediterranean climates typically opt for low-maintenance landscaping options such as synthetic turf for lush lawns, paver patios and driveways, and fire features for outdoor entertainment purposes. Find out the best info about landscaping in Santa Clara.

Landscape contractors also employ professional landscape designers to design gardens and yards that complement their homes, knowing the local terrain well and staying abreast of gardening trends through occupational training programs.

Prosper Construction Development

Prosper Construction Development was established in 2012 to offer residential landscaping solutions. Their team of designers works closely with customers to craft outdoor living spaces that reflect their lifestyles and tastes. In addition, they offer home remodeling and foundation repair services. For more information, commercial asphalt paving.

The company’s single available customer review indicates a satisfactory level of satisfaction among its clients, who praised the crew’s collaborative approach during design consultation and its final product’s functionality and color scheme. She was also pleased with how accommodating they were during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

On its website, the company details several projects it’s currently engaged in – these range from housing initiatives and study projects related to budget matters to park renovations and new public libraries.

EarthCare Landscaping

EarthCare Landscaping helps homeowners and businesses maintain eye-catching lawns and gardens with professional services such as property maintenance, landscape design and installation, irrigation, aeration, overseeding, trimming, and drainage control—as well as drainage management and erosion control services. They are licensed and insured.

Water & Earth Landscape Design provides complete landscaping services to families in Sunnyvale and its surrounding communities, featuring custom-designed plans explicitly tailored for clients’ dream yards and gardens. Their crew also offers lawn care services, outdoor lighting installations, and fence, patio, and walkway building, as well as installing California native and drought-tolerant plants into gardens and yards.

Find Local Contractors has honored them with a 2022 Top Client Rated Gainesville Landscaping Award for providing comprehensive landscaping services such as site grading, tree transplanting, and erosion control, as well as installing retaining walls, landscape lighting systems, and natural and synthetic turf.

Greenyard Landscaping & Demolition

Greenyard Landscaping & Demolition provides landscaping services to Sunnyvale and its neighboring areas. Their crew designs and installs exterior water features, outdoor lighting fixtures, artificial grass installations, and more to improve the curb appeal of residential properties. Their specialists keep up-to-date with current landscape design trends through occupational training while building granite countertops or custom-poured concrete bars tailored explicitly for clients.

Residential landscape contractors specialize in the execution of lawn, garden, and hardscaping plans created by architects or designers. They possess expert knowledge of local climate trends in order to select plants best suited for each location; additionally, they may conduct weeding, pest control, and other tasks to maintain gardens and lawns as well as build or repair decks, patios, or fences as well as install retaining walls or pergolas if required.

Applewood Landscaping

At Landscape Plus LLC, they specialize in residential and commercial landscaping services that add significant value to properties. Their contractors design lawns, flower beds, and garden areas to reflect clients’ preferences and budgets; install outdoor lighting and water features; provide tree care services and resurface driveways; plus more!

A landscape contractor that specializes in working with homeowners associations, their HOA community landscapers are knowledgeable of the latest trends and best landscape practices. They work closely with association managers to maintain community landscapes according to the goals and objectives set by each association.

Sunnyvale professional landscaping companies fulfill plans designed by architects or designers for lawn, garden, and hardscaping plans drawn up. In doing so, they consider California weather patterns when completing projects; planting flowers, shrubs, trees, and grasses, as well as installing retaining walls, ponds, patios, and fences, are among the many services they provide.

Bayscape Landscape Management

Bayscape Landscape Management provides landscaping and maintenance services to its customers, with its team designing garden projects and helping customers select suitable plants. In addition, they create hardscape features like patios, walkways, and decks – which have been around for more than a decade! The company has been in operation.

Santa Clara-area properties can benefit from this firm, whose contractors provide residential and commercial landscaping construction as well as installation of irrigation systems on clients’ properties, along with ongoing maintenance such as weed removal services.

Our company serves customers throughout San Jose and its surrounding communities and provides lawn care and maintenance services, such as weeding, pruning, and tree trimming. It also installs irrigation systems and provides regrading services; our staff specializes in California native and drought-tolerant gardening techniques.

Water & Earth Landscape Design

Sunnyvale landscape companies create gardens that accentuate the curb appeal of homes. Their professionals work closely with homeowners to understand their goals and design aesthetics, selecting plants, soils, and grasses suitable for that property, as well as installing retaining walls or outdoor lighting if required.

Water & Earth Landscape Design provides residential and commercial landscaping services in Sunnyvale. Their crews create landscape plans to match clients desired dream yards or gardens; hardscapes such as patios and decks may also be added. With more than two decades of experience and their employees being kept abreast of current landscape design trends through occupational training programs, Water & Earth also provides irrigation services as well as natural and synthetic turf installations, outdoor lighting systems, and low voltage systems – as well as irrigation.


The colony is a city with preserved beautiful commercial streets and charming residential neighborhoods, providing shopping, dining, jobs, and recreation to its residents and visitors alike. Historic landmarks within its borders, boasting various architectural styles, are preserved through comprehensive design guidelines that protect original streetscape patterns while employing historically appropriate building materials.

Lawn starter professionals offer years of experience at affordable pricing for all their lawn maintenance services, offering free estimates and straight pricing structures for their services. Contact them or visit their website today. Their offerings range from landscaping and mulching services to flower bed trimming, gutter cleaning services, and tree pruning!