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Health IQ Life Insurance Reviews


Health IQ Life Insurance is a life insurance company that doesn’t deny you coverage because of your health. The company is known for offering competitive rates for healthy people who meet standard underwriting criteria. There have been some negative reviews on this company, however. Read on to find out why. The reviews are a great way to decide if this company is right for you.

It offers competitive rates for healthy individuals.

Health IQ is an insurance agency that rewards healthy individuals by finding discounts on their life insurance policies. They partner with over two dozen life insurance providers to secure the lowest rates for their customers. Applicants can receive discounts based on their scores on health literacy quizzes and results from an in-home medical exam. By establishing that the individual leads a healthy lifestyle, Health IQ can offer cheaper life insurance for healthy individuals.

Health IQ has relationships with over two dozen insurance companies, including Liberty Mutual and Cigna, and negotiates the best rates with these companies for healthy individuals. Getting quotes from Health IQ is easy and requires you to answer a few simple questions about your health. This is an excellent option for healthy individuals concerned about their health. Health IQ also offers competitive rates on individual health insurance for individuals who live active lives and eat healthy foods.

The company also offers discounts for people with preexisting conditions. People with diabetes with controlled blood sugar levels can qualify for the discounts. Those with preexisting conditions must pass a Health IQ Diabetic Quiz to be considered for eligibility. While the company does not write the policy, it does offer specialized services to policy beneficiaries and those with preexisting medical conditions. Moreover, the company caters to health-conscious consumers with low premiums and built-in incentives.

It uses standard underwriting criteria.

Health IQ is a health insurance company that partners with select insurance companies and gives you a discounted rate based on your lifestyle and health literacy. You can get up to 40% off your premiums by answering a few simple questions about your health and living an active lifestyle. If you have a history of heart disease or diabetes, you could save an additional 25% off your premiums by answering a few questions about your lifestyle.

Health IQ uses standard underwriting criteria, but they use an advanced form of the screening process that allows them more latitude in weighing different factors. This is designed to make sure that healthy applicants are not penalized. Health IQ isn’t in business to save you money on life insurance but to find new insureds for the insurance companies.

Health IQ is a relatively new player in the life insurance market. It doesn’t issue its policies but works with over 30 life insurance carriers to secure the best rates for its customers. You can get health insurance rates by answering basic questions about your lifestyle, dietary habits, and health knowledge. However, Health IQ does not offer Special Rate Life Insurance. Instead, it has regular partnerships with various companies that offer discounted premium rates.

It has negative reviews.

Health IQ offers life, disability, and Medicare supplement insurance. The company’s primary focus is on term life insurance, but it can also sell whole life insurance policies. In addition, it offers guaranteed-issue life insurance, which is a type of insurance that does not require a medical exam. The company also has a network of 30 life insurance carriers that it works with.

The company’s negative reviews generally center on complaints about its service. For example, many customers have complained about non-stop calls and emails from Health IQ representatives. The company has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since September 2016 and has maintained an A+ rating. Despite this history, it has yet to respond to numerous negative reviews. Some 1-Star reviews, however, appear to be complaints about aggressive sales tactics.