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Helmet Review: Great Plot and Even Better Acting


Comedy has been booming on the Hindi movie scene and that train seems not to be stopping anytime soon. In this Helmet Review, we are going to be looking at how amazing the movie came out and if it is the perfect movie to launch Hindi comedy on the world stage.

The Helmet movie came out in 2021 and if some for the fan Helmet review are anything to go by, Hindi comedy might be having a bit on their hands. There are so many Hindu movies coming out that it is impossible to ignore the genre. Amongst a lot of movies coming out this year, could Helmet be the best? Well, we are going to be finding out on this Helmet review.

Helmet review


Helmet Review

Some themes seem to be off-limits for most people and one of those topics is condoms and family planning. If you are part, of this crowd then you are probably going to be squeamish throughout this movie. It is commendable though that someone decided to take up such a topic in the face of possible criticism. The fact h that they decided to take them and make it into a comedy. Will you enjoy it? Well, we will find out in this Helmet review.

Helmet Review: The cast

For a movie that chose such a brave theme, they may have done a better job choosing the cut. One important thing is to note that the actors are very talented but in terms of compatibility with the roles in the movies, there is a bit of a problem. For instance, Pranutan Bahl who was a superstar in Notebook pulled up a good performance but we feel her fit the movie was not perfect.

Helmet review


Helmet Review: The Plot

The plot is quite simple, it is all about swelling condoms in a place where condom uptake is low and there is a lot of stigma around the whole condom issue. If you take a bit of time you will realize that the title, Helmet is the perfect title for a movie with a script like this. The first part of the movie starts with a passionate relationship. Lucky (Aparshakti Khurana) is madly in love with Rupali (Pranutan Bahl) and to get over and get acceptance from Rupali’s father Lucky decides to execute a heist.

With the help of two friends Minus and Sultan the trio pulls off a clean heist with a couple of humorous twists of course but the heist Is instead of cell phones in the truck there are condoms. Lots and many condoms. The good thing about the three is they are built with a lot of motivation. The trio decides to sell the condoms. In a country with the lowest condom uptake in the world selling condoms is not easy. This is where the whole twist is and boy did the adventure come with many turns.

In terms of the script, we have to say although along the way there is a loss of cohesion between the characters it is a very good script. The movie is funny and has several a lot of jokes that will have you on the edge of your seat throughout. In terms of comedy, we have to say that this is a masterpiece. We believe though that in terms of depth, a lot more could have been done in terms of writing. Some of the twists are very predictable and it could have been done better.

Helmet review


Helmet Review Verdict

Helmet is a good movie but not one we would compel you to rush to watch. It is not a perfect movie but it is objectively entertaining. As a verdict in this Helmet review, we are compelled to declar Helmet as an entertaining movie.


Who is the lead actor in Helmet

Aparshakti Khurana in Helmet

Is Helmet a good movie?

Yes, Helmet is an exceptional movie

Where was the Helmet set?

The helmet was set in India

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