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Here Are 6 Good Causes To Use Instagram To Promote Your Company


Instagram is a mobile software that enables users to snap and publish images rapidly before applying special filters and a recognizable tilt-shift (3-D effect). Its popularity has skyrocketed faster than any other mobile app, and it’s probably why the person in front of you at Starbucks is snapping random pictures of the pastries. An entire country’s worth of iPhone and Android users can attest to Instagram’s addictive nature. To attract customers, your company should go where they already are. How to buy Instagram followers.

You, as the business owner or the person in charge of branding and social media, should be aware of the following 6 Reasons Instagram is ideal for your company:

1. Instagram posts instantly

You don’t have to wait until you return to your desk or house to use Instagram to grow your business. The entire process takes seconds, from taking the picture on your iPhone or Android to editing it, uploading it, adding a comment (don’t forget to #hashtag relevant terms), and sharing it from your brand’s page.

2. No Need for Multiple Accounts

Instagram welcomes businesses without making them create a lengthy personal profile before starting a brand page, in contrast to Facebook and Google+. The installation procedure is simple.

3. A Photographer Is In You

Because they lack either a knack for words or the experience to hone their creative juices for content marketing, many business owners are at a loss when using social networks to expand their consumer base. Still, practically everyone believes they have some skill with a camera, and everyone enjoys doing so. Despite what your darkroom prints might say, Instagram’s simple and flawless editing tools will make you the Herb Ritts of product/service content marketing.

4. It adds a sense of intrigue and novelty to your brand.

This is one of the many benefits of using Instagram as a marketing platform. With the right Instagram filter, even internet marketers may look like trendy office supplies and rubbish collection businesses. Post pictures from the office on Instagram to promote your business and its culture. Brands gain a human dimension with Instagram albums in a way no other sharing platform has managed.

5. Make a page detailing your store’s location

The success of Google Places and the forthcoming Google+ Local Pages for businesses demonstrate the value of associating a real-world place with your online identity. You can add your business’ location to the Instagram location page using the Foursquare Geotag feature, which allows you to mark the exact area where the photo was taken. Pictures tagged with users’ locations increase the likelihood that those users will discover your business and purchase a product. In addition, you can add your business to Instagram’s and Foursquare’s location database if it isn’t already there.

6. Gaining Fans and Subscribers is Simpler

People who follow your brand’s Instagram account won’t feel like they’re being inundated with SPAM because you can’t post links. Instagram is the best social media platform to gain followers if you regularly upload engaging photographs of your product or service there. Having more people on your side will help you become more well-known. Your other social media profiles benefit from Instagram’s seamless integration with Facebook and Twitter. However, the same social network marketing laws still apply: you should converse with (comment on and “like”) and follow your consumers before everyone else. They are reciprocal Instagram followers.


Instagram is the most accessible and fun-to-use social sharing network out there. It can be a tremendous tool in developing your business‘ brand persona and gaining brand recognition with your online customer base. Still, it doesn’t provide the linking opportunities many internet marketers are obsessed with.

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