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Housing Disrepair Solicitors


Housing Disrepair Solicitors offer no-win, no-fee assistance for tenants whose landlords have failed to carry out essential repairs as per lease agreements, such as damp and mold remediation, heating issues with boilers and plumbing, vermin infestation, loss of hot water as a result. Find the best Housing Disrepair Solicitors.

Compensation will take into account any inconvenience, pain, and suffering, as well as financial losses you have incurred.


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Disrepair claims cover an array of issues that compromise the quality of living in a home, including damp and structural problems, vermin infestation, gas leakage issues, and lack of hot water. Not only can such matters be distressful for tenants, but they may even have adverse health implications.

Landlords must make repairs within an acceptable timeframe once informed of disrepair, or tenants can pursue damages through county court action. Our experienced housing disrepair lawyers can advise and guide you throughout this process to ensure a positive result for all involved parties.

We have helped numerous clients successfully pursue claims against their landlords for failing to maintain homes in acceptable condition, and you can rely on us to handle your case promptly and effectively – providing the compensation due for your loss.


If your council or housing association property was neglected in its maintenance and was left in poor condition as a result, you may be entitled to compensation from them. According to law, landlords are expected to maintain their properties in good condition and to take immediate steps when any signs of disrepair arise.

Our Liverpool Housing Disrepair solicitors can assist with claiming compensation for various issues, such as hot water installations, dampness, and mold. Landlords must address such concerns within 24 hours after being informed by tenants about them.

Please address disrepair issues to avoid significant losses, including damage to furniture and belongings. When this occurs, our team has experience in pursuing claims for compensation in these instances.

We can advise you of your legal rights and options, negotiate with landlord representatives, or initiate legal proceedings to bring the property back to satisfactory condition. All this is on a no-win no fee basis, so there will be no legal fees to pay until we successfully win your case! Our disrepair lawyers offer free initial consultations so they can discuss your case further and explain how our service works.

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Our housing disrepair team comprises experienced property lawyers familiar with rented accommodation law who have proven successful at winning compensation for clients forced to live in unacceptable conditions.

As landlords are required to maintain the condition of their properties for human habitation, tenants who experience disrepair due to landlord neglect can bring claims for disrepair against them if this responsibility is breached. Claims could range from damp and mold growth, electrical faults, and plumbing issues; tenants should inform their landlords immediately about any disrepair issues and make them aware that action must be taken as this will strengthen their claim against them.

Gather any correspondence, such as texts and emails, that you’ve had with your landlord regarding this issue, including text messages and emails. This will show any instances of disregard, denial, or incompetence by them that can help build your case as evidence.

As soon as we learn of any disrepair in your home, we can begin taking steps to get it addressed by your landlord and assist in filing a financial compensation claim based on any inconvenience, loss of amenity, distress, illness, and injury sustained due to it. Any compensation received would include removal costs if this disrepair has forced you out.

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As a tenant, you have a legal right to live in an environment that is suitable for human habitation. This means being free from disrepair, such as dampness, mold, and broken heating; well-ventilated and free from vermin, such as rats and mice.

Landlords of all varieties – be they private landlords or council/local authority/housing association properties – have an obligation to their tenants to ensure their properties remain in good repair and safe for tenancy. Any breaches in this responsibility could lead to claims being brought against them from tenants of those properties.

Disrepair claims may involve compensation for damage to personal possessions caused by mold and dampness in the property, as well as financial losses such as having to redecorate more often or purchasing replacement furniture due to damaged pieces. Furthermore, damages may also be awarded in case the disrepair has caused psychological distress and inconvenience for tenants or landlords alike.

If your house or flat needs to be addressed and you have been unable to secure repairs from your landlord, contact PR Scully immediately for legal representation on housing disrepair cases. Their expert housing disrepair solicitors can help you claim compensation on a no-win fee basis.

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