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How can I increase my chances of betting?


Catching up with a probable win is common in sports betting. By making the same choice (a constant bet on a draw in football), a player expects that the chance will eventually pay off. Moreover, after each loss, the number of bets doubled. By doing so, the player wishes to receive his money back in case of winning and be in the black. Bookmakers look at the use of this strategy by players calmly. A priori, the system does not pose significant financial risks for market operators. Evaluating the design from the point of view of mathematics, it is evident that it only allows redistributing the player’s profit As a result of trying to catch up, a player may win often but not much. But in terms of losing, such outcomes are less frequent, but the losses are significant.

Strategies in sports betting 

A strategy is a general game plan, and by following it, a player tries to beat the bookmaker over the long haul.

Available statistics show that nine out of ten betting customers lose more often than win. Taxes applied to winnings from gambling. And this is not surprising, as the game is played according to the bookmaker’s rules on obviously unfavorable terms for the player.

Strategy “Martingale”

A progressive strategy in which the bet amount doubles after a loss and returns to the initial one after a win. The coefficient at which you bet must be greater than 2.

The problem with this strategy is the same as with the “catch-up” strategy: whether the player has enough money and the bookmaker’s limits for the required number of iterations are unknown.

Application of catch-up in sports betting

You can use the Martingale method in sports betting. It works on the same principle. The difference is that a player is constantly trying to catch up with the desired outcome of a sporting event, taking into account a different coefficient. Accordingly, the new bet’s amount is calculated, considering the odds.

For example, playing with the help of catching up is considered popular by constantly betting on a draw in a football match. The odds for such an outcome are usually high, 2.8 or 3.0, so the player cannot quickly increase the amount of his next bet. Everything else happens according to the same methodology. The amount of each new bet is calculated so that in case of winning, the player can return his money spent and be in the black.

To play sports betting using the catch-up method, the following formula is used to calculate the amount of each subsequent bet:

C = X + Y / odds -1

In this case, C is the sum of the expected bet, X is the amount a player can win by making the first bet, and Y is the sum of all lost bets.

Flat strategy and its variants

This is a financial strategy that is recommended for beginners. When playing flat, a small amount of the player’s total bank (1-2%) is allocated for each bet, which changes. Bets are placed on events with average odds. With this strategy, losing all the money quickly is impossible.

The most advanced strategy is the flat option when the relative amount of the bet is fixed rather than the absolute one.

If the player’s bank increases, the absolute best size supplements; if it decreases, it decreases. This is the most flexible strategy that takes into account the degree of success of the bettor.

Mistakes to avoid for beginners

Failure to define the starting bankroll

Sports betting is not much different from physical or online casinos. You enter the business with a certain amount of money and a determination to make it grow. When you lose, you want to play more; when you win, you want to reach a certain level. The risk is that you can lose everything and be left empty-handed. Therefore, it is a mistake not to set limits and invest your entire salary or income in sports betting.

Caution. Before betting on sports every week or month, you must set up a starting capital. Make sure not to exceed it within the specified period. And most importantly, bet only the money you can afford to lose!

Bets without analysis

Betting without analysis is a mistake that many novice players make. Indeed, sometimes it can be successful, but not every time. The losses are often terrible. Therefore, it is essential to analyze the game to increase your chances of winning. It does not necessarily have to last for several hours. However, for an excellent betting method, it is necessary to do some research on teams, conditions, and bets.

Betting on unfamiliar sports

You only know soccer, but there is no soccer match today, only an NBA basketball game. You are tempted to bet on sports you don’t know anything about, the clubs, the rules, or how they work. Please don’t do it! Bet on sports, you know!

Desire to become a professional bettor

Many dream sellers on social media will tell you that you have villas and nice cars that you won, thanks to sports betting. Most of them are liars, or they are fortunate, which happens to be one in a million. And those who can make a living at it are hard workers. Being a professional typist is a full-time job, and it is tough to earn a decent living!

Remember that this is a game; everything is done to make you lose. Have fun, and don’t rely on betting to make money. It’s the worst mistake you can make!

Betting on odds

When you’re new to betting, especially after losing at high odds, you think it’s safe to bet when the odds are low. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Matches are not math. Remember that there are always surprises in football.

History: In 2019, during the second match between PSG and Manchester United, the Parisians were favorites with odds of 1.49 and the United with odds of 6.30.

A tip: do not consider the odds for bets because what makes a profit is betting on surprises. Analyze all the parameters to refine your strategy and trust your intuition.

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