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How Long to Bear


Bears aren’t difficult to kill with firearms or bows; the key is shot placement. A broadside shot should do it while hitting either its heart or lung can make for even faster and easier killings.

How can you begin an adequate introduction?

How Long Should I Sleep?

Though seven to nine hours is often ideal, everyone’s needs differ. Very physically active people may require more sleep than usual, while those who require less may still function effectively with less.

Essential to keep in mind is the fact that waking up midway through a sleep cycle can be extremely tiring, leading to lower efficiency and performance levels in general. Therefore, staying asleep through all five or six cycles each night is advisable.

The chart below details when to go to bed to achieve your recommended number of full sleep cycles; for instance, if five complete cycles are your goal, go to sleep at 10:03 PM.

How Long Should I Eat?

Thirty days of bear baiting can be both time-consuming and costly, not to mention difficult. Bears quickly learn their surroundings, becoming habituated to natural foods as time progresses. Field dressing bears may help expedite this process, along with skinning them immediately and packing them on ice packs as quickly as possible; fat layers may be set aside and rendered down to bear grease/lard for use in biscuits, pastries, and other treats.