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How Much Does a Luxury Wedding Cost in Italy?


As custom wedding planners, we are fully transparent about all wedding planning costs for our couples. Prices can be tailored to meet individual requirements and wishes. Discover the best info about Wedding in italy package.

Transportation for your guests can be pricey; providing shuttle buses from their accommodation to the event would likely run around EUR 800 per bus.


Venue selection can play a vital role in planning a destination wedding and account for a significant portion of your budget. Size and type will influence costs; larger venues or additional services will incur more significant expenditures.

Food and drinks are another significant expense when planning a wedding reception, typically costing from EUR 80-200 per person for a three-course meal with wine pairing.

Transport costs must also be considered, especially for guests staying in local accommodation. Therefore, we suggest selecting a venue near multiple hotels or farmhouses so your shuttle buses don’t have to travel across Italy to collect and drop off guests. Ceremony fees start from EUR600, with celebrants providing their services.


Luxury weddings feature elaborate catering experiences that can be costly. The number of courses, drinks, and food quality will all impact costs; seasonal flowers effectively reduce costs while still having an elegant affair.

A capella choir can add a unique and enriching element to your ceremony, with their services typically costing an extra 2,000 EUR or so.

Transport costs should also be factored into any luxury wedding event in Italy. Shuttle buses will likely need to transport guests from their accommodations directly to and from the venue, with estimated costs estimated at 7,000 EUR for 100 people (excluding driver/fuel expenses). You could also offer accommodation at the venue itself.


Professional photography and videography services should be essential to your wedding ceremony or reception in Tuscany or Venice, whether for an intimate elopement or inviting guests for an extravagant villa wedding celebration. Expect to pay between EUR1,000 – EUR5,000 for high-quality photographers and videographers.

Entertainment selection can have a dramatic effect on your Italy luxury wedding budget. Depending on the number of attendees, live music or DJ services may be appropriate, while more significant events will need additional musicians than intimate gatherings. We highly recommend Jam Hot for an incredible musical experience – their 10-21 piece Italy wedding show band creates unforgettable party atmospheres under the stars that your guests will remember! View their showreel below.

Floral arrangements

Floral arrangements and decorations are integral to any wedding celebration, from decorating the aisle and ceremony area to dressing chairs in stylish designs. At VB Events, we work with only top florists to design exquisite bouquets, centerpieces, and decor that will delight and dazzle guests on your big day!

Summer brings with it vibrant blooms that make an eye-catching statement. Roses of all hues, dahlias with billowing blooms, and sunflowers are among our favorites. Lavender also adds an exquisite scent.

Autumn brings warm pink and antique-hued hydrangeas that add warmth and freshness. Alongside them are amaryllis, anthurium, aster, bouvardia calla lily carnation, chrysanthemum dahlia freesia, gardenia gladiolus, lavender iris orchid arrangements featuring lemon slices for extra zesty pop of color, and freshness! Including lemon slices in floral arrangements for added color and freshness is possible! Easily incorporate lemon slices into floral arrangements for an added punch of color and freshness!


Wedding photography can be costly; however, it should be seen as an investment for your future that will last a lifetime.

Photographers with experience will capture authentic moments and produce meaningful portraits that tell your story, making hiring one a wise investment when planning an Italian luxury wedding. If you’re getting married in Italy soon, hiring professional photographers may add another level of creativity and flair to the proceedings.

Hair and makeup services are essential for destination brides, so set a reasonable budget when planning for this important day. Remember transportation costs, too – ensuring your guests can travel comfortably from their accommodations to the venue is essential! Depending on its location, this may cost more or less than expected; selecting an event location with ample accommodation options could help your guests easily travel between.

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