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How to Avoid Biased Forex Broker Review Sites


forex broker review sites

Many traders enjoy reading FOREX broker review sites. However, many of these FOREX broker review sites are biased and write reviews encouraging users to click on their affiliate link, thereby earning a commission. If you want to avoid biased and unregulated reviews, then here are a few points to keep in mind:

Customer service

Customer service is a key aspect of any Forex broker. The best forex brokers strive to improve their customer service channels to ensure that all traders are treated equally. However, some brokers may intimidate clients and use other means to trick them into transferring their funds. A good amount of regulation helps prevent consumer abuse and fosters a stable trading environment. Read forex broker reviews to ensure that you deal with a reputable company. This article will explain what to look for in a forex broker’s customer service department.

Good customer service also provides several communication methods. It should offer both noninvasive and live conversation options. Noninvasive methods include email, text messaging, and contact forms. Live conversation tools include phone calls and live chat. Live communication tools are a great choice for problems that may not be apparent but are necessary to gather data for efficient problem-solving. Some brokers don’t have a live chat option, so email is a good choice if you can’t find a live agent during business hours.

The customer support system should be easy to use. Some forex brokers offer customer support only on weekdays, while others have limited hours of operation during normal working days. For example, having access to a customer support center 24/7 is vital if you’re a cryptocurrency trader. If you encounter problems that could cost you money, you’ll be able to resolve them immediately. However, this isn’t always the best solution. If you are a general asset trader, 24/7 support may not be sufficient.


The lowest spread available in forex is zero pips. The minimum deposit required to open an account varies for different traders, so it’s important to find a low-spread broker comfortable with that risk. Also, look for the minimum lot size and payment options before signing up for an account with a forex broker. Finally, check the spread, minimum deposit, and bonuses when comparing brokers.

Spreads vary from broker to broker. While they may seem small, they add up over time, especially for traders operating on margin. Low spreads can save you a lot of money, but a high one can increase your operating expenses dramatically. To avoid higher costs, choose a broker with a low spread. First, however, check the spreads of each broker’s competitors to ensure they’re competitive. A forex broker review site will provide an honest assessment of the spreads of each broker.

Traders new to forex trading may not want to sign up with a broker with high spreads. Low spreads mean greater profit potential, so comparing brokers with similar spreads is important. For example, if you want to use expert advisors or trading bots, you should look for a broker with low spreads. If you’re new to forex trading, you may want to consider a micro account. Micro accounts are increasingly popular and allow you to trade with small amounts. Some brokers are ECNs, which provide access to the different currency markets.

Platform tools

A trading terminal is one of the most important features of a forex trading platform. These terminals help traders manage risk and make money through various tools. For example, they can set automatic stop limits, guaranteed stop losses, or trailing stops. Trailing stops automatically adjust as prices fluctuate, which helps traders lock in profits while minimizing losses. They can also be configured to protect negative account balances. This article will discuss some of the most common tools found on Forex brokers’ trading platforms.

IG is one of the most popular Forex brokers with operations worldwide. Their services are used by both professional traders and casual investors alike. They offer an extensive list of currency pairs for trading, competitive pricing, and a wide range of awards. In addition, their platform is user-friendly and offers educational resources for new traders. For example, Turbo24s is a unique on-venue security. If you’re new to foreign exchange, IG is a good choice.

Another important feature of a forex trading platform is its charting capabilities. Forex brokers usually offer trading platforms that include desktop, mobile, and web-based options. Many of these platforms feature real-time data as well as near-instant executions. These features can help traders manage their money more efficiently and keep more of their profits. In addition, they provide a free demo account that allows you to try out the software before signing up for an account.


Before you start trading, you should gather as much information as possible. Some forex broker review sites recommend using a regulated company. You can look for a review site that is heavily regulated, but some of the more shady ones might not be as reliable. One of the top priorities is gathering information, which is the best way to do so. It would help if you also looked for a platform that offers good leverage.

When choosing a leverage forex broker, you must know the risks involved. Leverage involves high risk; the higher the leverage, the riskier it is. Some professionals limit their leverage to ten or twenty times their total capital. Traders who are not very experienced should stick to lower leverage. Nevertheless, leverage is essential for making money in the forex market. For example, a 10% move in your account without leverage would take one year, but with leverage, you can do so in a single day.

With leverage, you borrow a large sum of money from a broker and use that money to increase your trading positions. This will increase your profits, but it can also lead to losses. To maximize leverage, you must know how to manage risk, so it is important to research the internet. However, this is easier said than done – there is no magic formula to success. While there is no single way to achieve success trading with leverage, a few guidelines can help you pick the best forex broker for you.


To learn more about a broker’s legitimacy, visit a Forex broker review site. This will allow you to see how the broker operates and is regulated. While this may seem obvious, not all brokers are regulated. There are several reasons for this, but the main one is to avoid unregulated brokers. These brokers often get bad reviews and are deemed scams. This is why it is essential to check out broker regulations.

Regulators are in place to protect investors from fraudulent or unethical brokers. A good Forex broker should maintain high customer service and support channels. This is essential in protecting consumers from dishonest brokers who intimidate their clients. A good level of regulation is key to preventing consumer abuse and promoting a stable trading environment. However, not all review sites are legitimate. Forex broker reviews aim to educate the public about a Forex broker’s reputation.

The regulators of forex brokers are the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the National Futures Association. These regulatory agencies are in place to protect clients and ensure that companies are regulated. They can conduct unannounced inspections and even hefty fines for minor violations. They also work to protect investors’ interests and ensure that brokers abide by the laws of their jurisdictions. As with any other industry, forex trading is risky, and you should check the regulatory bodies to ensure you’re not wasting your hard-earned money on an unreliable broker.

Regulation of forex brokers

To ensure that the sites of foreign exchange brokers are regulated, look for several things. For instance, you should look for capital requirements and a separate account for customer funds. In addition, you should also pay attention to the trading tools and account types. Finally, you should check the regulation status of the Forex broker. It should be regulated by the Commodities Futures Trade Commission (CFTC) or the National Futures Association (NFA).

Generally, a reliable broker has a license from a reputable regulatory body. This means that the company must follow certain rules and regulations. Otherwise, it will be viewed as an unregulated broker, and you could end up paying a huge fine. Also, a regulated Forex broker is much better than an unregulated one. This is because regulated brokers are more likely to follow the laws of their countries and be trustworthy.

Admiral Markets is a renowned broker that has been in business since 2001. It has over forty countries and a cash cycle of USD 40 billion. The broker is registered and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. It is also part of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It also provides access to FX+Project, a free educational site for traders. AxiTrader is a forex trading pioneer and a highly reputable broker with multiple financial regulators. The broker’s services include mobile trading, copy trading, and financial instrument services. AxiTrader was also awarded the Best CFD Broker and Introducing Broker award in 2002 by The New Europe Magazine.

Scams related to forex brokers

As the number of Forex trading professionals in the world grows, so do the risks of Forex scams. Scams take different forms, from emails to unsolicited mail. These unsolicited messages can appear in various formats, including social networks and website advertisements. In addition, scammers often use pictures of famous people to arouse curiosity and influence viewers to click on their ads. Scams related to forex broker review sites include the following.

Scams related to forex broker review sites have several different methods of deception. Fake forex brokers often redirect visitors to a website that speaks no English. They may refuse to release funds or charge exorbitant transaction fees. You may be able to detect scams by checking the websites of reputable Forex broker review sites. To avoid falling prey to these scams, conduct a background check on the forex brokers you are considering.

Fraudulent companies may also use unsolicited marketing to lure traders. These companies may use pushy sales techniques to get your personal information, which is highly sensitive and could even lead to identity theft. Scammers may use these tactics to trick you into investing with them, so you should avoid them. Remember, the more educated you are, the less likely fraudulent forex brokers to cheat you.