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How to Beat Giovanni in Pokemon GO


Giovanni has returned with an even more robust roster, boasting Pokemon far stronger than Team Rocket Leaders’ Pokemon. Giovanni presents a formidable challenge that requires an equally brutal and well-rounded team to overcome.

He will often begin with Persian, his signature Normal-type Pokemon; this can easily be defeated using fighting types such as Machamp or Lucario. After that, he may send out one of his Shadow Pokemon: Dugtrio, Nidoking, or Garchomp; however, these three are weak against Water, Grass, and Ground elements, so Jirachi, Mamoswine, or Gyarados should make short work of them quickly.

Shadow Persian

As with most Team Go Rocket Leaders, Giovanni boasts a formidable arsenal of Pokemon to fight. Giovanni begins by unleashing Shadow Persian onto trainers; its normal-type nature means it is pretty resilient against Fighting-type attacks while taking reduced damage from Ghost-type moves; therefore, a tanky Pokemon such as Breloom with Dynamic Punch or Machamp with Counter would be most suitable to do away with Giovanni’s Shadow Persian first opponent.

After his initial battle, Giovanni will switch between Nidoking and Garchomp. Since both Pokemon are vulnerable to Ice-type attacks, Galarian Darmanitan or Mamoswine should suffice in knocking them out. Giovanni also uses Shadow Registeel, a callous Rock type who can absorb lots of damage. Lucario makes an ideal Fighting-type counter for this final member of Giovanni’s lineup since its moves deal large amounts of damage against its weak spots (Fighting).

As with other Team Go Rocket Leaders, Giovanni should always be faced off against high-CP Pokemon to maximize health reduction without using Charged moves, giving trainers their best chance at hitting their target and hitting Giovanni without him blocking an attack with shields left – it is also wise to use attacks as soon as possible if your Pokemon has them left as Giovanni may stop Charged attacks if left with guards left if any are remaining! Upon beating Giovanni and his three Pokemon, trainers can capture its Shadow Legendary by ensuring Pinap Berries maximize how much Lugia Candy they receive!


Giovanni typically utilizes Shadow Nidokings, Cloysters, or Shadow Garchomps when confronting you in Pokemon GO battles. Each can be a deadly threat; therefore, it is vital to have strong counters available against each one in your roster to defeat him successfully. Giovanni represents one of the most complex challenges in Pokemon GO; thus, it is recommended that you visit our Best Pokemon page to ensure you have access to powerful counters for him.

Lucario and Machamp make powerful opponents for Persian, the majestic cat Pokemon that is vulnerable to Fighting moves and can be taken out quickly with the right combos. Furthermore, Ground, Ice, Psychic, and Water attacks also pose serious threats. Therefore, it would be wise to include some soft Pokemon that can absorb damage before counterattacking with a KO move.

Nidoking, his second Pokemon, is a dual Poison/Ground type, which can be countered with vital Ground and Psychic attacks. Fire, Ice, and Grass attacks are weak against this foe, while resisting Electric, Poisonous Bug, and Fairy Fighting attacks are resilient.

Shadow Garchomp, Giovanni and Team Rocket’s third Pokemon, can be replaced with high-CP Dragon types like Charizard. Since Giovanni is weak against Ice, this tactic can also take down his grunts quickly. Once equipped with this information, players can prepare to battle Giovanni and Team Rocket in this latest event of Pokemon GO; its latest updates only make it even more fun to fight these villains! Ashley is an avid gamer who enjoys RPGs, TTRPGS, farming sims, The Sims, and many other titles; her passion lies in writing her writing, which provides gaming news guide lists to her fellow gamers!


Giovanni may be one of the more brutal Team Go Rocket members to defeat, yet defeating him can still be straightforward using appropriate Pokemon. His roster primarily consists of Rock and Ground types vulnerable to Fighting-type attacks – allowing Machamp, Lucario, or Breloom’s well-rounded team (e.g., Machamp + Machamp = Breloom) to take down his Pokemon lineup easily. Swampert Seismitoad and similar Water/Ground types such as Nidoking + Regirock. While Garchomp is especially susceptible to Ice moves, Mamoswine + Walrein + Cloyster can easily do battle with it.

Shadow Regirock, his only Dark-type Pokemon, boasts decent bulk and can act as an influential tank when used correctly; however, its weakness to Water and Grass-type moves necessitates that you bring something like Yveltal or Houndoom as an alternate choice to defeat him in battle.

Rhyperior is an attractive choice in OU competitive battle due to its high base HP, defense stats, and Solid Rock ability that helps it patch any weaknesses. Furthermore, 140 base Attack and EdgeQuake/Megahorn STAB coverage on board make an effective defensive unit.

To take down Giovanni, you must first defeat three Team Go Rocket Grunts and three Leaders (Leader Cliff, Leader Arlo, and Leader Sierra). When that is completed, Giovanni will appear with his new lineup, and battle will ensue; to defeat him, you must deal high amounts of super effective damage; most Pokemon in Giovanni’s lineup should be weak against Fighting, Grass, Steel, and Water-type moves so this should not prove difficult.


Giovanni has returned as part of A Shadowy Disturbance Special Research event with Team GO Rocket! As before, Giovanni employs an impressive roster containing new Pokemon to defeat him; defeating this powerful foe will require proper meta-knowledge and teamwork to succeed.

Giovanni begins the battle by using Shadow Persian, his signature Normal-type Pokemon susceptible to Fighting, Ground, and Steel attacks; players should target water- and grass-types like Slowbro, Primarina, and Swampert as potential counters. Once Giovanni brings out Shadow Nidoking or Shadow Rhyperior – both Rock/Ground types that are weak against Fire attacks – players should bring out water/grass types like Slowbro, Primarina, and Swampert for easier battle.

Giovanni summons a powerful Shadow Regirock during the final phase. Although its hardiness makes it an effective opponent, this dual Dragon and Ground type Pokemon is susceptible to Ice and Fairy moves – making it an attractive target for Ice or Fairy types who could either OHKO it with moves such as Ice Beam, Hidden Power Ice, and Ice Punch.

Before they take on Giovanni, players will need to defeat all the Grunts and Leaders from Team GO Rocket – this can be accomplished by engaging the three Team GO Rocket leaders hidden within Pokestops or balloons until all are defeated, then use their Super Rocket Radar to unlock Team GO Rocket radar to see all three Team GO Rocket Leaders before beating them all – this will open its Team GO Rocket radar which reveals Giovanni, once defeated trainers will receive Legendary Regice (Shadow). Utilize radar and solid teams to give themselves the best chances of beating this event’s boss fight with Giovanni!

Shadow Latios

Shadow Latios, Giovanni’s final Pokemon choice to complete his team, can be more difficult to deal with than its counterparts. Being Normal-type, it has high attack but lower defense; however, its attack increases by 20% when using Shield Up as its special move, making this an effective weapon against weaker foes.

Shadow Latios is susceptible to attacks from Bug, Dark, Dragon, Fairy, and Ice types – this makes Pokemon like Pinsir, Scizor, Weavile, and Bisharp ideal choices for facing it head-on. Additionally, Ground, Psychic, and Water types will do just as well since their stamina is low – therefore, faster Pokemon should be chosen so they can take down Shadow Latios before running out of health!

Once players have dealt with Persian and Latios on Giovanni’s team, they will meet Giovanni himself. His team consists of standard Pokemon plus Nidoking, Rhyperior, or Machamp plus one from Nidoking or Rhyperior for hard-hitting offense and Steel damage, respectively; Nidoking and Rhyperior both fall prey to Psychic attacks, while Machamp may take Steel damage as well.

However, Giovanni’s team isn’t as difficult to defeat once trainers have the right Pokemon. As long as trainers use those Pokemon correctly and use an effective battle strategy against him and his team, defeat is straightforward, and players may earn up to seven Premier Balls from each battle in which one or more Pokemon faint during it – though players forfeit one for every Pokemon that faints during combat.