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How to choose the invitations for my wedding in 4 steps


Wedding invitations are one of the first steps in preparing for the big day, and certainly an important one. The line of style marked will be the one that will be present in all the decoration of the wedding.

Wedding invitations are part of the TOP items of the same. Because, although apparently simple, its value is vital to summon all your guest staff. And it is not for less: they specify all the details of the event, but also take a first look at the tone of the wedding.

If you want to know how to choose the invitations for your wedding, pay close attention to these 5 key steps.

  • Determine the style
  • Choose the color
  • Take care of the appearance
  • Print a personal touch

1. Determine the style

The invitation is a cover letter that reflects the initial details of the wedding, the initial appearance, and what it will be, resulting in guest clues that may be affected when choosing the appearance. Become. With the invitation, you can guess what they are trying to find and start daydreaming about the details you expect on a big day. This shows the importance of the invitation and how it affects the rest of the evening course.

And depending on the personality of the bride and groom, the style is endless. To do this, there are many companies that try to shuffle everything possible and generally adapt their wedding invites. With a particular theme, from the most classic to the most rustic, a good provider of invitations includes the best options.

To get good invitations, you have to take into account several things. In the first place, as we have already said, the style of the wedding. And she is determined by the season of the year, which also greatly varies the philosophy of the invitation. The venue is also important. Sometimes more neutral, others much more special and inclined to serve as inspiration for invitations.

Because how would you design an invitation if you were getting married on the beach? Surely the marine theme does not fail, as well as natural references if you do it in the middle of nature. And, if it follows a specific theme (country, medieval, science fiction), the invitation feeds the spirit that will reign throughout the event. As we say, it is an appetizer that predicts the honey of the great dishes that you will taste during the big day.

 2. Choose the color

Color is especially relevant because it acts as the leitmotif of the invitations. The style will revolve around it since they are often associated with themes, situations, philosophies of life, or places. In this sense, the seasons are once again particularly relevant, where color is catapulted as their main star. Thus, in autumn weddings, garnet, ochre, forest green and brown predominate; in winter, white, black, blue, and purple; in spring, green, turquoise, lemon yellow, and white; and in summer, pastel pink, lavender, vermilion, and mint green. In the face of invitations highly influenced by the environment or the season in general, colors are essential.

Some special settings require a specific color and may be reflected in the nature of the invitation. For example, Christmas is usually red and green, despite all the color attacks that have been received throughout history. Take advantage of these colors if your wedding follows this theme, which is closely related to winter.

3. Pay attention to the appearance

It is important that the rustic mountain wedding invitations are a correct expression. Set aside this detail and be prepared for what your guests are trying to find on your big day. And keep in mind that all the details are important.

The seasons once again influence the invitation in terms of the decoration that decorates their surface. Autumn and winter are more glamorous in every respect and should be reflected in wedding stationery constructed in this context. For this reason, there are not many designs decorated with seasonal flowers such as leaves, diamonds, bows, snowflakes, forests, acacias, camellias, hydrangeas, or nuts. In contrast, spring and summer remove the weight of excessive decoration and encourage fresher and lighter invitations without saturation. For this reason, the theme of the sea, references to nature (especially flowers), joy, freshness, and relaxation motifs stand out.

But, obviously, the seasons are not a condition to develop the designs of the invitations. There are many successful themed weddings that have to do with passions, hobbies, moments, and places that represent something special for the couple. Also a philosophy of life, such as the vintage, country, or classic concept.

In this section, envelopes are also counted as a despised but important element to reinforce the concept of invitations. It’s like wrapping a gift, with conspiracy-filled details to prepare for the surprise of an invitation. If you want to fully meet the expectations of your invitation, you need to pay attention to this detail. Therefore, put a brushstroke on the envelope to help the message owner begin to uncover the secret as a treasure clue. .. Use small motifs, colors, and treats for invitations and weddings.

 4. Print a personal touch

Personalization is very important in this game to get the original wedding invitation. We are not talking about the style of defining invitations, but about the unique details of the couple that are related to their personality and way of life.

For this reason, photos are usually the most selected element, but the personalized message of a couple away from the protocol also stands out. With that spark, the invitation is instantly personalized and ultimately unique.

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