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How to clean car battery corrosion in the right way is here: check out now!

how to clean car battery corrosion


If you are looking for some best tips to take care of your car very well then you have to take care of your car in every single way. And for that, you may look for How to clean car battery corrosion! Right? Here you will come to know about some essential tips that can be very helpful for you. You can take care of your car from outside on daily basis by just cleaning your car well. But it is also very important to take care of your car inside as well. And a battery is one of the most important parts of any car. So, you need to clean and maintain it very well. And here you can be able to gather so much vital information about the prices of cleaning your car battery and making it corrosion free at the same time.

how to clean car battery corrosion
how to clean car battery corrosion

The process of cleaning a car battery corrosion

Now, the first thing is how you could understand whether your car battery is corroded. So, if you want to understand the situation of your car battery then you have to be very attentive. And if you notice a flaky white or green discoloration on your car battery then it can be battery corrosion. Now, there are such things that are very essential when you start removing corrosion. Such as,

  • Hand protection, such as gloves.
  • Baking soda
  • Petroleum jelly.
  • Soft brush to clean.
  • Toothbrush and clean water.

Remove car battery:

The first thing you should do is remove the car battery safely. And for that, you have to first disconnect the ungrounded wire from its corresponding grounded one. And it will help you to abide so many future damages for sure. So, you ah e to be very attentive toward your electrical systems well. And for removing terminals you need to have a vice gripe to break them free from the metal. Just take your time and do it carefully.

Examine clamps and cable splices:

If you see excessive corrosion or damage then you have to replace them if they are broken or cracked. Because if your cable is in bad condition then good terminal contact will be worthless. So, you have to check out the cables’ entire points very well. It will also get damaged so, you have to also clean or replace it as well.

Examine the battery condition now:

Then you have to check out the battery condition very well. Some vital and common damaged conditions can be found in your car battery. Such as cracks, warping, and other things as well. Just keep one thing in your mind, if your battery is new then you can replace it as well.

Neutralize the sulphuric acid:

On the dry terminals, you just need to sprinkle a little bit of baking soda on top of them and distribute them evenly. But you have to keep in your mind one vital thing very well, cleaning the battery connection with a combination of water and baking soda needs to be avoided.

Use any soft brush:

Now, you have to gradually mix water and baking soda with the help of the brush and you will see some bubbles appearing. But be attentive to whether there is any avid is still active or not. Now, you can start cleansing with a toothbrush inside and out. And here you have to give special attention to the connection parts of terminals.

Clean thoroughly:

Now, you have to clean the battery body thoroughly and be careful about every single part well. Then you have to apply petroleum jelly to protect the terminals from further corrosion.

Reinsert the battery:

After cleaning your car battery well now you are ready to reinsert the car battery. Just make sure the process is well if you want to avoid any damage.

how to clean car battery corrosion
how to clean car battery corrosion

Final thought

If you can be able to do it properly then it will help you to keep your battery condition well for a long time. And you also do not need to suffer from extract charges for it as well. You just need to protect your car battery from any kind of damage. And for that, you may follow these tips that are very easy and helpful.