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How To Clean Glass : Tips for Keeping Dazzling Clean Glass!

How To Clean Glass


Do you want to know how to clean glass and desire sparkling, spotless glass for your windows, doors, and other surfaces? These simple techniques are for you. Glass cleaning can be difficult and labour-intensive. You can spray and wipe glass surfaces for hours on end and they still look streaky. But, using the proper cleaners and understanding the proper technique for cleaning glass can make your life simpler. Follow these easy suggestions:

For Doors

If your rooms have glass patio doors that open to a terrace, balcony, or garden, you may have observed that they tend to become discoloured almost every other day from rain, watering plants, etc. If left ignored, these stains not only obscure your view from the room but also risk leaving permanent stains on the glass.

To start, dry dust the frame, door knobs, and glass using a soft cloth to get rid of dirt and dust. Next use a cloth dampened with a water-soap solution to wipe the frame and handles. Use a clean cloth and dampen it before wiping the glass. After wiping the glass dry with a clean cloth or piece of paper, spritz it with a glass cleaner. The glass should then be polished with a microfiber cloth or an old piece of newspaper so that it sparkles.


A shower door can be a little difficult to keep clean because it is always being covered with soap suds, which can build up if not cleaned frequently. Use a rubber glass-cleaning wiper to remove water and debris after each shower to prevent soap scum from accumulating.

how to clean glass
how to clean glass

You will ultimately benefit greatly from doing this. Try this DIY method as well. Use a soft sponge to apply the thick paste you’ve made by combining baking soda and water to the shower doors. Spray a vinegar-water combination on it after two minutes. Use a soft, clean cloth to remove it. To get rid of any extra cleaning substances, use the glass wiper.


Using a cloth, a duster, or even your vacuum’s duster attachment, remove the dust from the window frame. This will prevent the cleaner from streaking the dirt when you spray it. If you don’t have glass cleaner, you may manufacture your own at home by combining two cups of water with half a cup of white or cider vinegar and a fourth of a cup of rubbing alcohol (or use liquid detergent). Fill a spray bottle with this mixture, then use it to clean windows. To clean the glass, rub it with an old newspaper or a microfiber cloth.


Whether it’s a dirty bathroom mirror or one covered in toothpaste smears, hair spray smears, fingerprints, and streaks. Here’s a fast fix to make cleaning it simple. In a spray bottle, pour vinegar and water. Use rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth to first get rid of any particularly stubborn stains on the mirror. Then, using a microfiber cloth dampened with the vinegar-water solution, clean the glass in a zigzag motion. Using a newspaper, buff it.

Use a Squeegee

How different this one simple tool can be when applied to glass surfaces. There are times when the first wipe of the cloth is insufficient to remove all of the cleaning solution, and having to re-wipe areas of the glass is a definite way to get streaks. Yet, it is simple to polish each area of the window while using a squeegee. If you plan to clean tall windows, a long-handled squeegee is a necessity. Shower doors and walls can also be cleaned with it.

how to clean glass
how to clean glass

Clean Corners With Cotton Swabs

No matter how hard you try, residue always seems to accumulate in the corners of the glass, and unless you have the correct instrument, it may be very challenging to reach that residue. Using cotton swabs to clear those tough stains is perfect. For cleaning those difficult-to-reach regions of your home’s windows, cotton swabs are perfect. It works well and is the ideal size. 


If you don’t have the right tools and techniques, it can be difficult to maintain streak-free windows and mirrors throughout your house. Glass cleaning also involves some art and science, from the manner you wipe away grime to the kind of cleaning agent you use. You may use these tips to maintain the glass in your home clean and gleaming both inside and out.