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How to Clean Washing Machine Filter


Have you noticed your clothes drying slowly or thoroughly, a buildup of detergent residue on them, or your washing machine making strange noises and smells? It may be time to clean the filter in your device.

Manufacturers usually recommend regularly cleaning your filter once or twice a month. While this task is relatively straightforward, it requires some prep work before beginning.

Remove the Filter

Often kept out of sight, your washing machine filter collects lint and other particles that can disrupt its drainage system. To keep it running optimally and avoid costly repairs, clean the filter regularly.

Electrolux suggests cleaning your washer’s filter once a month to prevent blockages and maximize performance. Taking apart and cleaning it is relatively straightforward, though you should consult your owner’s manual first to learn the specific instructions for your model.

Once the filter is removed, rinse it in hot water and scrub it with a soft-bristle brush. Rinsing and scrubbing will remove any remaining lint or buildup on the filter, so make sure you do this thoroughly. After your filter is clean and sanitized, you can return it to your washing machine; if it doesn’t fit securely, run a short cycle to confirm insertion is correct.

Soak it in Hot Water.

Your washing machine filter collects lint, hair, and other debris. Regularly cleaning it helps keep it clean and prevents blockages that could negatively affect your laundry performance.

To clean your washing machine filter quickly and easily, soak it in hot water. Fill a tub or basin with hot water, add some detergent, then let it sit for 10 minutes to do its magic.

Once you’ve removed all the gunk and lint with a soft-bristled brush, rinse the filter and pat it dry.

Electrolux recommends cleaning your filter once a month; however, it’s also essential to do so periodically if you notice lint or residue on your clothes, your washer draining more slowly than usual, or other signs of impurities in the water. Regularly maintaining your filter can extend its life and improve performance over time.

Scrub it

Cleaning the washing machine filter effectively maintains its appearance and prevents bacteria and mildew buildup.

How often you should clean your washing machine filter depends on the manufacturer and how frequently you use it. Generally speaking, manufacturers recommend doing so every 1-2 months; however, this may differ from brand to brand.

Once the filter has been removed, soak it in hot water and one capful of laundry detergent for around 10 minutes to loosen any debris. Scrub gently with a soft-bristled brush until all dirt and gunk are gone.

Rinse the filter and replace it in its original spot. It might help to put a towel on the ground to catch any spilled water, then run an empty wash cycle to ensure your filter is clean. Now you’re ready to begin washing again! Have an excellent day – Adriana Aziz, operations manager at MaidForYou

Rinse it

A dirty washing machine filter can cause a shorter cycle time and more costly repairs in the future. To maintain its performance and extend your appliance’s lifespan, cleaning the filter as often as possible is essential. Depending on your model and usage frequency, this process may need to be repeated once every month or so.

A thorough wash of the filter is the best way to rid yourself of hair and lint from clothing, preventing buildup that could cause costly damage. All you need for this task is a few minutes, some tools (a cleaning cloth, flashlight, and sink full of hot water), plus some elbow grease!