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How to Delete Google History on Phone


Deleting your Google history on your phone is a few different ways. Depending on the phone you own and the settings you want to use, you can either do it through the browser or by downloading a third-party app. But no matter which way you choose, you’ll want to ensure that you keep your personal information secure. It would be best if you never forgot to delete your searches and browsing histories.

Precise browsing data from your Google Account

Google collects a lot of data about its users. This includes searches, places visited, and activities. It claims to use this information to give users a personalized experience. If you aren’t a fan of that, you can clear browsing data from your Google Account. You can do it from one device or several.

The Clear Browsing Data button is located in your browser’s “Privacy” menu. Click it to open a small window. You will see a list of data types from there, including web pages visited, bookmarks, and cookies.

You can choose the best method to clear your data using this menu. Some of the most convenient methods include selecting the right time range to remove the History, clearing individual items, or deleting everything. Choosing the best way to clear your data will depend on your unique needs.

Using the browser’s privacy controls, you can clear your browsing data from your Google account. These are found in the settings menu and various options to turn off sync and manage permissions.

Among the more exciting features is the “Clear Browsing Data” button. Select this to see a small window with a drop-down menu displaying the amount of History to delete.

Delete your search history

If you are looking for a way to delete your search history on your phone, there are a couple of options. Google Chrome and Safari have essential tools to clear your search history. The latter allows you to do it bulk, while Chrome can remove individual items.

Deleting your search history on your phone can help you keep your privacy. Whether you want to prevent advertisers from tracking your searches or want to refresh your browser, deleting History can give you a fresh start.

For Chrome users, click History in the menu bar. You can also clear your search history by selecting the Custom range.

You can also manage your data and privacy on Google by going to the Privacy & personalization section. On the right, you can toggle the Web & App Activity switch. This will prevent Google from saving your search history.

The company may harvest your data when you visit Google Maps or YouTube. This can be used to target ads. That’s why it’s essential to be careful.

However, there’s no need to worry if you’re using a specialized cleaner tool to clear your browsing history. You can remove your cookies, cached images, and passwords with this software.

Disable Google’s ability to track you

If you don’t want Google to know where you are and when you are, there are ways to disable this tracking feature. While it may not be possible to remove all data from your device completely, you can minimize or even turn off location tracking entirely.

You may be able to do this by disabling features such as the Wi-Fi hotspot or Bluetooth scanning. However, you aren’t limited to these devices. Some of the best features on an Android smartphone, such as the ability to set precise Locations or use location-based services, are only available with Location Services.

To turn off the location services, open the Google app, then pull down the notification shade. Then, go to Settings and look for Location. It will then ask for your permission.

You’ll no longer get real-time updates when you turn off the location service. But you’ll be able to see the last location you were in. So that’s still a great way to stay on top of things.

Another way to show you aren’t being tracked is by turning off the GPS radio on your phone. This will remove all GPS tracking information from your phone. Fortunately, you can choose to turn this feature on again later.