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How to find an inpatient treatment center for addiction


Finding the right inpatient treatment center for addiction is the first step to take during the recovery process. Once you find the right program that is specific to your needs, it can allow you to have hope for the future and obtain the support you need to break free of addiction. There are a number of treatments available and one of which is medication assisted treatment which combines psychotherapy or counseling with certain medications.

If you’re struggling with addiction, knowing where to seek help and begin the recovery process can be difficult. Inpatient treatment centers are one of the most effective ways to recover from substance abuse and can allow you to have access to different resources. Although many different inpatient treatment centers are available, it’s important to know what to look for to find the right facility.

Know Your Goals

Start by asking yourself what your goals are to ensure you find a rehab center that understands your struggles. Understand the substances or mental conditions you want to recover from to ensure you can work closely with a team of professionals.

Ask yourself what you consider to be a success. It may be remaining sober for six months or two years. Knowing what you want to achieve before you enroll in a program can make it easier to get the most out of the right program.

Ask About the Therapies Available

Each rehab facility uses different treatments to get the best results and help equip patients with the right tools. Ask about the different treatment options and therapies that are utilized to determine what you might benefit from the most. Behavioral therapy and family therapy are common and can make it easier to get to the root of substance abuse when you need drug addiction help.

Look Into the Amenities

Every inpatient rehab facility varies in the type of amenities that are available to patients. Some facilities operate like five-star hotels, whereas others are limited in the accommodations that are provided.

The program’s overall cost will influence what you have access to during your stay. Some facilities have gyms and equipment to use to stay active during your stay. Other facilities have swimming pools and massage therapy. Your budget and what your insurance covers can influence what you can afford.

Consider the Length of the Program

Inpatient programs have many different lengths, which can range from 30 to 90 days, according to The length and severity of your addiction can influence how long you should receive treatment to ensure you can have a lower risk of relapsing once you return home. In addition, some people may only be able to enroll in a 30-day program if they have to return to work and other obligations.

Look Into the Cost

The cost of the inpatient program is one of the most important factors that can make it easier to narrow down your options. The cost can vary significantly, making it necessary to calculate what you can afford in advance. It’s also necessary to research the facilities that are covered by your health insurance to have fewer out-of-pocket costs. Some people also take out a loan to cover the expenses, while others use Medicaid or Medicare.

Understand the Rules and Requirements

Knowing the rules and requirements of each inpatient treatment center can allow you to avoid surprises. Most facilities require patients to be clean and can require detoxing at the facility while under the supervision of a team of medical professionals. You may also be limited with the number of items you can bring with you.

You may have limited contact with your family members during your stay or need to be willing to participate in one-on-one therapy each day. Understanding what you’re required to do can make it easier to increase your ability to succeed and complete the program.

Take a Tour

Before making your final selection, take a tour of each facility you want to visit. This can allow you to become more acquainted with the staff and ask questions to determine if you feel comfortable in the setting.

You can also feel more at ease seeing the facility in person before you enroll. Consider bringing your spouse or parent along to ensure they can ask questions and provide you with their input.

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