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How To Identify If You Have Bats In Your Attic?


The invasion of bats is a nuisance in any house. You should take immediate action if you suspect bats are in your attic. Bats can carry diseases that are hazardous to humans and animals. They can also reproduce inside your house, which could result in a much bigger issue. Contact wildlife removal services for bat removal in Alexandria, VA

How to identify if you have bats in your attic?

It is known that bats prefer the darkness, seclusion, and stillness of caves. The only downside is that shelters are frequently cold. Especially in the south, attics are warm. Bats thrive in a rarely used attic with no windows because they are drawn to the high temperatures and darkness. 

Bats are night creatures. They fly out at night and sleep during the day. These creatures spend their nights searching for food and frequently appear in the moonlight. They typically wake up at dusk and head back for shelter before sunrise.

Signs of bats in your home

How to identify if you have a bat infestation? Here are the top 3 signs of a bat infestation in your home.

  • Bat droppings or Guano

Round, brown, or black bat feces is referred to as guano. They are typically left by bats in piles in a corner, on a wall, or by an entrance or exit. Without the correct safety measures, do not try to remove guano. Bats spread sickness, and their droppings are dangerous.

  • Black stains on your house exterior

The fur of bats is covered in a substance that resembles grease or oil. This greasy substance rubs off and creates dark stains on the entry points they use while fitting into tiny gaps and holes. You can easily spot dark black colors caused by a bat infestation since it only takes one bat to leave residue behind.

  • Bats around your home

There is a possibility that bats have already infested your home if you spot them flying around your house. If you wait outside your home silently, you can see them coming through your roof’s gaps and holes. Keep your eye on the movement for movement of bats. You already know the solution if a bat starts flying in or out. 

A bat infestation is problematic, but there is a solution. Contact a wildlife removal agency immediately if you notice any of these indications of bats around. They can trap and remove bats, and your home will not be infested by bats again. 

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