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How to prepare an office for moving


You can complain a lot about your office’s non-working air conditioner or uncomfortable kitchen area. But the circumstances may change at any moment: either the office payment rises, or suddenly there’s a new office building in a district with good infrastructure, which your boss is ready to go to. There can also be other reasons for changing your office, but the fact is that you should prepare for the moving process.

When you are just a regular worker, you can wait for the news about the moving date, as your office head organizes the moving. The best way would be to hire movers who can help with the organization process, the packing and moving, and even furniture assembly. Depending on which services were ordered, you might still need to prepare for the office move. Here’s how to do it efficiently:

For a start, decide on a date for the move. Depending on the time left, you might need to make more urgent decisions like the last-minute move.

Create a plan or a bullet list that includes all the necessary steps. It is pretty challenging to do everything yourself, so it is better to make a detailed plan. Delegating various aspects of the project to different employees helps implement it correctly, as you might become overwhelmed trying to control everything and miss some critical detail.

Make an extensive list of all items and equipment in the office and label it if needed: this way, you can prioritize the disassembling of certain things and know which items can be moved first.

Remember the packing: you might need all kinds of stuff, from sturdy cardboard boxes for the computers to a small zip lock bag to store the furniture of disassembled desks. Make sure all items are well packaged and protected from damage.

Inform employees and customers about the upcoming move, and provide information about the new address and contact details.

Ensure you have transferred subscriptions for services: you will need electricity, internet, telephony, etc., at a new address.

Take some employees with you to organize the new office: you should consider the workplace and furniture layout and prepare the place for receiving staff and equipment. 

On a moving day, all the employees should move to the new office or help movers move stuff. After you have made sure there’s no equipment left, run through the final checklist:

  • Check access control systems, video surveillance, and fire alarms.
  • Make sure nothing has been left behind.
  • Leave all the keys to your old office.

After moving, organize work in a new office and help employees quickly adapt to a new environment. Ensure you have good employee coordination and communication; the move will be quick and not stressful.

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